Friday, February 27, 2009

How Tos - Life Made Easy

No matter how skilled or smart you think you are, there's always something you wished you knew. One of my biggest "how to" questions is, "How to escape a car sinking in deep water." Maybe it's watching one too many action films, but I feel an unease in my life not having this knowledge. Well, (nearly) all my inquiries can be answered in 2.5 minute videos at the incredibly helpful site,

As you noticed they have a video on how to survive your car going off a cliff into treacherous waters. More than that, in these hard times, they have a genius video on how to live on practically nothing at all. Looks like I more or less already live like the actor in the video. Sad.

So shop for information at, it's FREE.


Mary Kay Kidwell said...

Be careful when you post a video that claims to save your life. This video about escaping a sinking car has some faulty information in it. I have contacted the authors. In the meantime, remember that POGO is correct: Pop the seatbelt, Open or break the window, Get Out. Get on top of the vehicle (it will float for up to 10 minutes) and then call for help or remove clothing and swim. Also, you need a tool, not an elbow, to break a window, and you should position the tool in the corner, not the center, of the window. This information comes from experts in the field who have tested with actual vehicles and real people. I have researched this issue and am working with the Indiana State Police Dive Team to produce a video that gives only the most accurate information. Why? Because my grandson died trying to escape his vehicle. Three hundred people die each year in this manner. We must promote only the most accurate and easy to remember information. And we must verify our sources.

kieulinh said...

Sorry about your tragedy and thank you for your video commentaries. I had a few questions while watching it myself, like, what's the physics of breaking the glass in the middle vs elsewhere. I think the best thing for me personally is to have a multi-purpose tool in my car that can break windows. Also, 10 minute of car floatation is a lot better than the claimed 2. Thanks again.