Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heroes and Incarceration

Did you catch the season opener of "Heroes." This time the Senator, Nathan, involves the U.S. government (with a light skinned black president, btw) to round up all those with "special powers." Looks to be a total indictment of U.S. detention camps, and the creators were not even subtle about it. Ths season's theme is very cool. I dig this trend that certain super heroes work with the government and certain ones are renegades, but it's not altogether clear which one is "good" and which one is "bad." It may have started with the "Watchmen" and then Marvel comics "Civil War." It's the debate over whether super heroes should be allowed to keep their identity private and freedom unrestricted, versus full exposure and control of their actions. Very exciting.


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Melvis said...

The minute I saw the finale of Heroes Season 3, it sounded exactly like a modernized version of The X-Men's "Days of Future Past". Exact same concept, where the mutants are put into camps as persecution. Only in X-Men, the persecution came in an alternate future, whereas Heroes deals with it in the present day.