Friday, February 6, 2009

Empty DMV - California Furlough

On my trip to the DMV today, I saw an empty parking lot except for a large TV news van. I thought to myself, "crap, not another shooting." It is Oakland after all. I then spotted a security guard so drove up to speak with her.

Apparently the California furlough program (temporary lay-offs), that forces 238,000 state employees to take two Fridays off each month without pay through the summer, started today. When I asked if the DMV would be open Saturday, the security officer said, "No, that's over time. We don't get that anymore." She added, "The worst part was people were trying to get certifications for potential employment and since the DMV was close, they fell out of luck."

Oh, I don't know, I'm guessing it's also bad for poorly paid state workers who already suffer trying to make ends meet in this sucky economy, now also have to take a 9.2% pay cut. It doesn't affect all employees-- public elected officials, public safety folks and others are exempt. I must say, the image the DMV baron on a Friday really got me to think we are that much closer to a depression.

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Anonymous said...

The state should hire independent contractors rather than stuffing their payrolls with workers who must continue to receive pay, healthcare benefits, holidays, vacation time, overtime, sick days off and all the other perks that go along with being on the government payroll....even when work is slow and the economy is bad.

With independent contractors, when you don't need them or can't afford them, you don't call them.

They work much more efficiently than state workers because they get no overtime, weekends or holidays. They work however long is needed to get the job done.

And they are far less expensive. No overtime, no paid holidays and no vacations. And once the project is done, you can stop paying them.