Monday, February 23, 2009

BSG Drama

Gotta get my geek on this week by talking about BSG. As predicted, there was the love triangle drama between Tigh, Caprica Six and Ellen. Damn, the acting was good. I really felt the pain all three where going through. It also says a lot for cylon/humanity that even the final 5, that have traveled through space together for thousands of years, can still touch at most raw emotions of love and jealousy? I don't buy it but it makes for nice mind-eff scenes. Loved how Ellen tried to manipulate Caprica Six. If she were not on crazy pregnant hormones stuff, Six would have definitely kicked ass. She is programmed to the be manipulator, femme fatal after all.

Looks like everything points to a hybrid future, from Galactica the ship to crew to babies. Is it just me or there's an odd bio component to all this. Cylons are not 100% metal but rather they and their ships are made of organic materials. Makes me think of Star Trek where the only creatures capable of destroying the Borg's are the pure bio beings known as Species 8472. Can and should bio join with metal? The question is, has this happened before and it will happen again only to meet destruction? I'm guessing the writers want us to think cylon/human alliance and mixing is somehow new and the wave of the future. Though I think it is not and should not be. That would make it more interesting. When will they bring back the story line of Hera, the hybrid baby?

I look forward to this week's episode where I believe Daniel/Number 7 will reveal himself as someone Kara knows (or has strange gut feelings about). The reference by Kara about adding a piano and the preview of a little girl playing the piano seems to connect with Daniel as an artist. Oh, and I'm glad to see the comical Baltar back with his Red Dress Six. Where has she been for a season or two? I also look forward to seeing the Chief and Boomer rekindle something. If Roslyn executes Boomer for attempted murder or treason, I'd be disappointed. Especially after Roslyn sought refuge on the Cylon space station. In the preview there's an image of a Number 8 crying but I'm not sure if it's Athena or Boomer. Can hardly wait to find all this out.

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