Saturday, February 28, 2009

BSG Did It Again

Honestly, BSG can do no wrong with me. Spoiler alert! This week we have Chief and Boomer confessing their love. Boomer was heading towards certain death so Chief helped her escape. Unbeknownst to him, she apparently took Hera with her. This is the assumption but I think there will still be a twist left. Her last words to Chief was that she meant everything she said. It could be a masterful manipulation leaving no rocks unturned, or it could be her last words before she does something desperate and heroic, like suicide bomber heroic. Keep in mind, Hera knows her mom from the other #8s. If she went willingly with Boomer, it's intentional. Oh, and how kinky was it that Athena was tied up and thrown in the locker by Boomer and had to witness her getting it on with Helo!

One thing is clear to me, Boomer really loved Chief. The only thing that doesn't make sense is how she came from being human obsessed and in mad love with Chief (to the point of plotting with Caprica Six to find them and work with them -- New Caprica) to totally turning on all humans and even her own line because they wanted to work with humans. I know the supposed unrequited love from Chief was the reason given but I never bought the dramatic change in character. And now they are doing the switcheroo to Boomer again. At least producers actually use hapa kids for the #8's real and imagine off-springs.

Another huge plot was Kara meeting a father like figure. With his encouragement she recalls a song her father taught her, the "final five" song. Coincidentally, Hera had offered her a scribble of the same notes. But, I don't think the pianist was real. I think she imagined him because he was somehow implated in her mind to guide her. Logically you'd think he represents Daniel, her father, and that Kara may be the first hybrid human. I still think she's not of the final five or cylons as we know them. She is part of the higher being but like Jesus, she was sacrificed to Earth/Caprica. Love her winged tat.

I cannot figure who will die or live in the next episode but I'm guessing the major ones will remain or be resurrected since my theory is they are all cylons or hybrid cylon/humans. Also, there will probably be a few BSG movies and it's much better to keep characters alive than to bring them back ala Spock.

Exciting final three episodes and I can hardly wait until most will be revealed.

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