Sunday, February 15, 2009

BSG - All the Answers (According to Me)

Spoiler alert. Okay, If you watched this week's BSG, you would have learned Boomer saved Ellen from John/Cavin/#1. You would also have seen from the previews she joins the Galactica by next week. Most importantly, you figured out through explanations from Ellen and Anders (Final 5s) that they re-invented resurrection to travel through space and warn the 12 colonies to be good to and keep the Centurians close. Of course the Final 5s were too late and the first cylon war was already in full swing. But, they did convince the Centurians to stop the war and helped them create the 8 skinjob models.

So, tons of questions still unanswered but here's my stab at a few of them. I still think that the cycle of destruction is not humans creating cylons and cylons blowing up planets. Rather, I think the "it's happened before and it will happen again" mantra is actually a long series of repeated events. In the case of "Earth," I believe humans evolved to hybrids (human/cylons) but in order to live peacefully with cylons, they erased memories of being either humans or cylons. The same with Caprica. There cylons erased the memory of being cylons so everyone thought they were humans. They may discriminate against each other, but not because one is cylon and one is human. Rather, everyone is "human." As such, they create AI again and AI that develops into Centurians then skin jobs. It happens again and again.

The premise, of course, is that "humans" enslave Centurians and discriminate against cylons, therefore war ensues. Well, bit hypocritical of the cylons regarding this particular excuse because it is John/Cavin/#1 that installed chips to control Centurians, "boxed" the final five but not before erasing their memories and sending to Caprica to live amongst the humans, and finally, trying to blow up the rebellious other cylon models and Centurians knowing there's no resurrection ships.

We don't know what happend to #7 (aka Daniel) but he could be anyone including Baltar or Gaeta. Could even be Starbuck because both Daniel and Starbuck are "artists." Just totally out on a limb here but I think Ellen found a way to save Daniel. And since he's an artist, he found a way to implant Bob Dylan's song, "All Along the Watchtower," into the minds of the Final 5. So, even with lost memories, they could still find each other.

I believe Starbuck is the "one Jealous God" of Cobal. She is the "harbinger of death" and will destroy "humankind" again. That is the order of things and cycle of life in this galaxy. Or, like I said, she could be this enigmatic, Daniel. She has to be something major or else not much would make sense.

Big questions for me is why have a season or two of Six red dress in Baltar's head and Baltar in Caprica 6's head? Why have her one day be into Baltar and then another having Tigh's baby. Why have Boomer be all in love with Chief and made the Cylon "hero," that with Caprica 6 convinced other cylons to work with humans? Then seemingly overnight hates humans and attempted to kill Hera (hybrid baby)? Does this hybrid baby have significance like it did before? Why is Ellen such a manic person until she is resurrected? Quite a big switch in personalities!

What's going to happen with some interesting love triangles? Ellen, pregnant Caprica 6 and Tigh can get ugly. Or Tori, Chief and returning Boomer can also get messy. I feel the chemistry between Chief and Tori even though they chuckled when Anders told them they were very much in love and about to be married back on Earth. Also, how are the producers planning to connect BSG to the prequel series coming in 2010, "Caprica"? All very important and confusing questions. Stay tune. In the mean time, watch the 1-3 season summary above and watch the season 4 episodes on or


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George Scheer said...

At first the statement that "it has happened before and will happen again" seems simply explained. "It has happened before..." i.e the cylon/human relationship on the 13th colony Earth from 2000 years ago results in atomic obliteration. "It will happen again" i.e. the cylon/human relationship on the original 12 colonies is now on the same path of destruction.

However the idea that this is an epic struggle that cycles through the millenia as the cylons have evolved into self procreating humans who ultimately reinvent "artificial" helpers who once more turn on them is interesting but not substantiated in the storyline.

Unsubstantiated until you hear Sam Anders mutter memories of his life on Earth. With the doctor drilling a hole in his skull and Starbuck frantically concerned, no one pays attention to his words.

"He whose guile, stirred with revenge, deceived the mother of mankind".

He's talking about #1 and "Ellen" who is somehow the mother of mankind. Perhaps its true that everyone is indeed a cylon.