Saturday, February 28, 2009

BSG Did It Again

Honestly, BSG can do no wrong with me. Spoiler alert! This week we have Chief and Boomer confessing their love. Boomer was heading towards certain death so Chief helped her escape. Unbeknownst to him, she apparently took Hera with her. This is the assumption but I think there will still be a twist left. Her last words to Chief was that she meant everything she said. It could be a masterful manipulation leaving no rocks unturned, or it could be her last words before she does something desperate and heroic, like suicide bomber heroic. Keep in mind, Hera knows her mom from the other #8s. If she went willingly with Boomer, it's intentional. Oh, and how kinky was it that Athena was tied up and thrown in the locker by Boomer and had to witness her getting it on with Helo!

One thing is clear to me, Boomer really loved Chief. The only thing that doesn't make sense is how she came from being human obsessed and in mad love with Chief (to the point of plotting with Caprica Six to find them and work with them -- New Caprica) to totally turning on all humans and even her own line because they wanted to work with humans. I know the supposed unrequited love from Chief was the reason given but I never bought the dramatic change in character. And now they are doing the switcheroo to Boomer again. At least producers actually use hapa kids for the #8's real and imagine off-springs.

Another huge plot was Kara meeting a father like figure. With his encouragement she recalls a song her father taught her, the "final five" song. Coincidentally, Hera had offered her a scribble of the same notes. But, I don't think the pianist was real. I think she imagined him because he was somehow implated in her mind to guide her. Logically you'd think he represents Daniel, her father, and that Kara may be the first hybrid human. I still think she's not of the final five or cylons as we know them. She is part of the higher being but like Jesus, she was sacrificed to Earth/Caprica. Love her winged tat.

I cannot figure who will die or live in the next episode but I'm guessing the major ones will remain or be resurrected since my theory is they are all cylons or hybrid cylon/humans. Also, there will probably be a few BSG movies and it's much better to keep characters alive than to bring them back ala Spock.

Exciting final three episodes and I can hardly wait until most will be revealed.

Friday, February 27, 2009

How Tos - Life Made Easy

No matter how skilled or smart you think you are, there's always something you wished you knew. One of my biggest "how to" questions is, "How to escape a car sinking in deep water." Maybe it's watching one too many action films, but I feel an unease in my life not having this knowledge. Well, (nearly) all my inquiries can be answered in 2.5 minute videos at the incredibly helpful site,

As you noticed they have a video on how to survive your car going off a cliff into treacherous waters. More than that, in these hard times, they have a genius video on how to live on practically nothing at all. Looks like I more or less already live like the actor in the video. Sad.

So shop for information at, it's FREE.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Serving the Dead for Dinner - Lessons from Past Wars

Pentagon announced today that they are lifting an 18 year old ban that disallowed photographs of dead American soldiers returning to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Apparently Defense Secretary Gates had wanted to do away with the ban for sometime but was only successful in doing so under the Obama administration.

What I find comical is that some have defended the ban calling sensitivity for families as the main reason. Well, the new regulation allows photographs only if families agree. But, really, who are we kidding here. The ban is a direct result of lessons learned during the Viet Nam War.

For a generation, they watched the Viet Nam War on their TVs nightly during dinner time. Seeing the realities of war no doubt affected the populous and helped move the anti-war movement along. There was no way the Bush advisers would allow that kind discontent for this ill-conceived military invasion and occupation.

When was the last time you saw anything about the Iraqi/Afghanistan War broadcasted? Do you even remember we are at war? If not, then Bush did a great job of censoring the war and you can go about your daily lives in the dark.

To supplement what you've been missing, I've shared some photos of dead Araqi citizens and American Soldiers. For more graphic images, see here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wondercon San Francisco 2009

Geek Alert! Wondercon takes place in San Francisco starting Friday February 28 and ending Sunday March 1. There will be cool comix artists like Jim Lee, of X-Men, Batman (Hush & Batman and Robin)...fame. He's there to promote a video game he's been working on for years now (see pix). There will also be panels on the upcoming Star Trek, Watchmen, and Terminator. Have fun!

Locke It In - Obama's Pick for Commerce Secretary

Obama did very well with his first address to Congress yesterday. Not that he's ever struggled with the English language; unlike that other dude that stole a couple of elections. I like his three main goals of improving health care, education, and energy. I'm going to see if they are just words. The most annoying part of the show was Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, getting up every few minutes to applaud. Distracting as hell. Funniest (and saddest all at once) was when Republicans hissed after Obama said he'd give tax incentives to over 95% of the population and raise taxes for those making over 250k. Come on, after 8 years of tax breaks for the wealthiest, I think it's time to even things out a bit.

Today Obama nominated two-tern Washington state governor, Gary Locke. I like to see a yellow democrat as secretary but I'm nervous about Locke's close relations with China. Maybe it's that China occupied Viet Nam for over a 1,000 years that makes me still wary of them today. But, as partner of his current law firm,  he's been very active promoting trade with China. Last I checked we owe China 682 billion dollars, so they should not have more breaks at our expense. Fact remains, Locke is very buddy buddy with the PRC. He even ran one of the legs of the Olympic torch relay in Beijing 2008. As long as he's not as friendly as Bush senior, we may be okay. Third time is the charm for the nomination of Secretary of Commerce position so good luck to you, Governor Locke.

Monday, February 23, 2009

BSG Drama

Gotta get my geek on this week by talking about BSG. As predicted, there was the love triangle drama between Tigh, Caprica Six and Ellen. Damn, the acting was good. I really felt the pain all three where going through. It also says a lot for cylon/humanity that even the final 5, that have traveled through space together for thousands of years, can still touch at most raw emotions of love and jealousy? I don't buy it but it makes for nice mind-eff scenes. Loved how Ellen tried to manipulate Caprica Six. If she were not on crazy pregnant hormones stuff, Six would have definitely kicked ass. She is programmed to the be manipulator, femme fatal after all.

Looks like everything points to a hybrid future, from Galactica the ship to crew to babies. Is it just me or there's an odd bio component to all this. Cylons are not 100% metal but rather they and their ships are made of organic materials. Makes me think of Star Trek where the only creatures capable of destroying the Borg's are the pure bio beings known as Species 8472. Can and should bio join with metal? The question is, has this happened before and it will happen again only to meet destruction? I'm guessing the writers want us to think cylon/human alliance and mixing is somehow new and the wave of the future. Though I think it is not and should not be. That would make it more interesting. When will they bring back the story line of Hera, the hybrid baby?

I look forward to this week's episode where I believe Daniel/Number 7 will reveal himself as someone Kara knows (or has strange gut feelings about). The reference by Kara about adding a piano and the preview of a little girl playing the piano seems to connect with Daniel as an artist. Oh, and I'm glad to see the comical Baltar back with his Red Dress Six. Where has she been for a season or two? I also look forward to seeing the Chief and Boomer rekindle something. If Roslyn executes Boomer for attempted murder or treason, I'd be disappointed. Especially after Roslyn sought refuge on the Cylon space station. In the preview there's an image of a Number 8 crying but I'm not sure if it's Athena or Boomer. Can hardly wait to find all this out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Missing Flight Meltdown - Azyn Style

Christian Bale has nothing over this woman!

The real crazy part is, I totally get this lady. She missed her flight, gods dammit, she's allowed to throw a fit. Must be the Asian woman gene. Did she really say "I stepped on a bee"? That is ridiculously funny if so!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BSG - All the Answers (According to Me)

Spoiler alert. Okay, If you watched this week's BSG, you would have learned Boomer saved Ellen from John/Cavin/#1. You would also have seen from the previews she joins the Galactica by next week. Most importantly, you figured out through explanations from Ellen and Anders (Final 5s) that they re-invented resurrection to travel through space and warn the 12 colonies to be good to and keep the Centurians close. Of course the Final 5s were too late and the first cylon war was already in full swing. But, they did convince the Centurians to stop the war and helped them create the 8 skinjob models.

So, tons of questions still unanswered but here's my stab at a few of them. I still think that the cycle of destruction is not humans creating cylons and cylons blowing up planets. Rather, I think the "it's happened before and it will happen again" mantra is actually a long series of repeated events. In the case of "Earth," I believe humans evolved to hybrids (human/cylons) but in order to live peacefully with cylons, they erased memories of being either humans or cylons. The same with Caprica. There cylons erased the memory of being cylons so everyone thought they were humans. They may discriminate against each other, but not because one is cylon and one is human. Rather, everyone is "human." As such, they create AI again and AI that develops into Centurians then skin jobs. It happens again and again.

The premise, of course, is that "humans" enslave Centurians and discriminate against cylons, therefore war ensues. Well, bit hypocritical of the cylons regarding this particular excuse because it is John/Cavin/#1 that installed chips to control Centurians, "boxed" the final five but not before erasing their memories and sending to Caprica to live amongst the humans, and finally, trying to blow up the rebellious other cylon models and Centurians knowing there's no resurrection ships.

We don't know what happend to #7 (aka Daniel) but he could be anyone including Baltar or Gaeta. Could even be Starbuck because both Daniel and Starbuck are "artists." Just totally out on a limb here but I think Ellen found a way to save Daniel. And since he's an artist, he found a way to implant Bob Dylan's song, "All Along the Watchtower," into the minds of the Final 5. So, even with lost memories, they could still find each other.

I believe Starbuck is the "one Jealous God" of Cobal. She is the "harbinger of death" and will destroy "humankind" again. That is the order of things and cycle of life in this galaxy. Or, like I said, she could be this enigmatic, Daniel. She has to be something major or else not much would make sense.

Big questions for me is why have a season or two of Six red dress in Baltar's head and Baltar in Caprica 6's head? Why have her one day be into Baltar and then another having Tigh's baby. Why have Boomer be all in love with Chief and made the Cylon "hero," that with Caprica 6 convinced other cylons to work with humans? Then seemingly overnight hates humans and attempted to kill Hera (hybrid baby)? Does this hybrid baby have significance like it did before? Why is Ellen such a manic person until she is resurrected? Quite a big switch in personalities!

What's going to happen with some interesting love triangles? Ellen, pregnant Caprica 6 and Tigh can get ugly. Or Tori, Chief and returning Boomer can also get messy. I feel the chemistry between Chief and Tori even though they chuckled when Anders told them they were very much in love and about to be married back on Earth. Also, how are the producers planning to connect BSG to the prequel series coming in 2010, "Caprica"? All very important and confusing questions. Stay tune. In the mean time, watch the 1-3 season summary above and watch the season 4 episodes on or


World of Warcraft - Crack for Geeks

"*Sigh* My fiance and I got into a fight about it because he played for 7 hours tonight and he got defensive and mean when I got upset about it. Why don't people understand how much this game hurts people?"
(from the "We Fucking Hate World of Warcraft" Facebook group).

If you've even lost a love one, or yourself for that matter, to World of Warcraft (WoW), then you are not alone. Blizzard Entertainment came up with this highly addictive massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in 1994 and now it owns more than 11.5 million brains internationally (aka monthly subscribers).

Those under the evil WoW spell enjoy living in wondrous lands with fantastical alter egos of themselves. In attempts to escape from Blizzard's grip, would be "freebrains" have resorted to things like Facebook networks such as the "We Fucking Hate World of Warcraft" group (wall message from one of the members above). This group claims some reasons to hate World of Warcraft includes:

It stole hundreds of precious hours of your life you could have been using to get drunk/high/laid.
It caused you to fail freshman English/ freshman Chemistry/ freshman year.
That nerdy kid down the hall wouldn't write your paper for you and instead played more WoW.

South Park Parody

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Your roommate kept you up all night, every night, playing that game.
Your younger brother has epilepsy and died while playing that game.
Your boyfriend quit his job and locked himself in a room for a month so that he could play WoW.
You've never gotten laid because you've played too much damn WoW.

I think it's a hopeless battle and I just pray for the return of these lost souls. Even I have to admit there's something damn seductive about elves dancing like a hot French pop star (see dance inspirations above). WoW is parodied by all the cool programs like South Park and Barely Political/Digital (see above videos). And, for god's sake, the "Leroy Jenkins" raid has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen (see below). If you cannot beat them, join them, huh? Any thoughts.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Freakin' Valentine's Day

This is simply one of the lamest capitalist holidays out there. Honestly, if you have to resort to only one day of the year to treat your partner nicely, you suck! I hope for those in a relationship or single to treat this like every other day in a healthy life/relationship full of care and mutual respect for others . Peace out!

Stimulus Plan Moving Ahead - Republicans Hellbent on Killing the Economy

Obama's stimulus proposal passed the House with zero and the Senate with 3 Republican support. $787 billion was the final bill, down from the $900+billion Obama initially proposed.

Here's where the Republicans pushed for cuts:

$16 billion taken out from the original bill for K-12 school construction
. Trims more than $1 billion from Head Start programs for youngsters. Cuts $40 billion from to help states pay education costs while trying to balance their own budgets. $3.5 billion would be cut for work on higher education facilities as well. Public housing and poor neighborhoods may have taken a hit too in the compromise. $1.25 billion less to make public housing more energy efficient. $2.25 billion request to help stabilize neighborhoods by buying up abandoned or neglected properties would be cut. Also cut was $5.8 billion in money for programs to help prevent disease. There's cuts in Art Works projects as well. Additional cuts would make some changes to an income tax cut and a program for the federal government to pay a portion of the premium that would allow people losing their jobs to keep their health insurance from their former employers.

By all estimates, the stimulus plan is to provide much needed jobs while helping to rebuild our nations infrastructures and institutions. Thanks a lot Republicans. If only they had the majority in the house and senate; they could hold off any plans to save the economy with costly, time consuming impeachment trials. Too bad, oh, how I miss the olden days of Republican governing. (sarcasm)

Friday, February 13, 2009


Media cannot get enough of Octo-mom Suleman. The latest is she's had to go into hiding because of death threats. Death threats? Common! She clearly has issues starting with wanting too many kids she cannot possibly afford or have time for. She also seems to have an unhealthy WSF obsession with Angela Jolie resulting in plastic surgery to look like her.

But, in all this, I have to defend her on one thing. I find it insulting that people are harping on her because she chooses to be a single mom. She does have a boyfriend whom she reportedly refused to marry. So, she chose to be a single mom. In this case, her being a single mom or a mom with four partners is irrelevant. Those are still a lot of babies to care for.

The truth of the matter is, responsible single moms have been caring for their families for a katrillion years. To use Suleman as an example of single-momhood is unfair and extremely sexist. In all her nonsense, I do believe what she said about the public chastising her only because she doesn't have husband is pretty much true.

The McCaughey family had septuplets born in 1997 and enjoyed plenty of perks including a 5500ft² home, van, diapers and full college scholarships for the kids. The Chukwu octuplets born in 1998 had similar good press even when they went on to have another girl. The Nahasapeemapetilon octuplates were welcomed with open hearts by all of Springfield. These moms along with Octo-mom Suleman all went through fertility treatment and chose not to undertake reduction procedures.

So, this leads me back to the death threats against Octo-mom - in one simple word, MISOGYNY. That's not acceptable! What do you think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australian Fires

As many of you have heard by now, the Australian fires that started a few days ago is still raging on. Nearly 200 were killed (and that number is expected to rise), about 500 people injured and nearly 1,000 homes destroyed. The Australian government are keen on prosecuting whoever started the fires with either manslaughter or murder charges. Some are even calling it mass murder. I just hope everyone and particularly my friends and family keep safe in Victoria.

Update February 13, 2009
A suspect was arrested and charged with arson causing death Friday February 13. Interestingly, he was also charged with possessing child pornography. Wonder if there's a direct correlation between sex offenders and arsonists.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Empty DMV - California Furlough

On my trip to the DMV today, I saw an empty parking lot except for a large TV news van. I thought to myself, "crap, not another shooting." It is Oakland after all. I then spotted a security guard so drove up to speak with her.

Apparently the California furlough program (temporary lay-offs), that forces 238,000 state employees to take two Fridays off each month without pay through the summer, started today. When I asked if the DMV would be open Saturday, the security officer said, "No, that's over time. We don't get that anymore." She added, "The worst part was people were trying to get certifications for potential employment and since the DMV was close, they fell out of luck."

Oh, I don't know, I'm guessing it's also bad for poorly paid state workers who already suffer trying to make ends meet in this sucky economy, now also have to take a 9.2% pay cut. It doesn't affect all employees-- public elected officials, public safety folks and others are exempt. I must say, the image the DMV baron on a Friday really got me to think we are that much closer to a depression.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Riddance Bush

Yet another awesome statement from the Grand Lake Theater folks. For more on this theater, check out my Marquee Activism blog entry.

The Sing Along Gay Alphabet Song

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heroes and Incarceration

Did you catch the season opener of "Heroes." This time the Senator, Nathan, involves the U.S. government (with a light skinned black president, btw) to round up all those with "special powers." Looks to be a total indictment of U.S. detention camps, and the creators were not even subtle about it. Ths season's theme is very cool. I dig this trend that certain super heroes work with the government and certain ones are renegades, but it's not altogether clear which one is "good" and which one is "bad." It may have started with the "Watchmen" and then Marvel comics "Civil War." It's the debate over whether super heroes should be allowed to keep their identity private and freedom unrestricted, versus full exposure and control of their actions. Very exciting.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh My Frakin' Gods Again

Be forewarned, I'm going to be slightly obsessed with BSG for the next 7 episodes leading to the final FINAL episode EVAH. The second episode, "The Oath," just aired and I was again completely in awe. Spoiler alert follows. Gaeta just successfully led a mutiny with the understanding that Zarek will take over the government. We now have Adama and Tigh on the run, held up, ala Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Roslin and Baltar escaped with the Chief to the cylon base ship. Previews hint to Tigh's death and Adama'a impending death. Of course Adama will not be killed; we have seven episodes to go. Also, Tigh most likely will also be alive and if not, he'll "resurrect" in some unknown cylon final five ship. Best part of the preview was Roslin answering Zarek’s weak demand to surrender by screaming into the com system, “No, Not now, not ever, I’m coming for ALL OF YOUl!!!”. The best line of the second episode came from Kara after saving Apollo by shooting his captors, "Who's next,... I can do this all day."

There's too much to discuss so I'll stick with one character, Gaeta. Gaeta is losing his mind. Could be that New Caprica Sharon disclosed that during their time on New Caprica, instead of using a list of names that he made up to save those on the list, she used it as a hit list (webpisodes - image above). Okay, shit happens. Gaeta certainly believed he was doing a good thing. But instead of dealing with it now, he kills New Caprica Sharon out of guilt or in hopes of destroying a history that implicates his crimes big time? Too bad Balta knows the secret too. Gaeta annoys me mainly because I don't like his singing. Otherwise, he's kind of the ultra angel therefore he must be the devil -- there's a fine line between good/bad. Anyway, I find it a shame that the gay, disabled, Japanese character is made out to be the uber villain. Eh.

Well, I cannot wait until next Friday -- actually, Saturday because I refused to allow Comcast to hammer me so now I watch my cable TV on instead. They air shows 24 hours after they fact. Hey, it’s free. Oh, that’s another way to save money during this economic crisis, cut cable! Those monopolies don’t deserve your business. all the way!