Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh My Frakin' Gods - BSG Premier

Spoiler alert for those who have not seen the first episode of Battle Star Galactica's final season.

What an amazing opener! True to form, writers leave you with a ton more questions than you had previous to the viewing. On thing I predicted that came true, however, is that everyone is a cylon. They can come from different tribes and different times, but they are machines, none the less. BSG revealed that all Earthlings were cylons but I think there were still some humans on earth who created cylons to be immortal. This works out well in case of a holocaust or whatever disaster comes along. I guess the problem is, because there are so many different groups of humans and cylons in their own evolutionary trajectory, they repeat "again and again" their wars, peace...

Though we did end up with more questions, the manner for which they appeared blew my mind away, literally. Well, not quite literally since it was Dualla who blew her own brains out, but anyway, crazy scary good. Or what did you think when Kara found her own body? Even the Number Two, who always stood by Kara, ditched her from fear of the discovery.

And finally, we learn who the final FINAL five is, Ellen! She was on my long-long list but I thought it had to be Gaeta or Kara (one not so obvious and one more obvious) for sure. In any case, Ellen did show up in Saul's mind a lot, very similar to how Number Six shows up in Baltar's imagination. But I ask: what of Roslin's re-occuring dream of the temple (same as Six's and Athena's) and Balta seeing "red dress" Number Six all the time? These two examples goes back to my theory that everyone are cylons at this point, only the differences in what they remember and where they are along the evolutionary chain varies.

I hated waiting for almost one full year, but I have to admit, BSG did not let me down. It deserves the self-promotional title of "best on TV." I am hooked, as if I ever left. Please let me know what you think is going on.

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