Saturday, January 24, 2009

Creepy Music Deerhunter Style

If that cute, mysterious, but incredibly creepy boy you had a crush on in high school was made of music, he'd sound like Deerhunter. This five-piece group originated in Atlanta Georgia consists of gentlemen: Bradford Cox, Moses Archuleta, Josh Fauver, Whitney Petty, and Lockett Pundt. They came up with their third album, Microcastle, last year and it could arguably be considered one of the best LPs for 2008. Their sound is definitely creepy especially the album's titled song, "Microcastle." Some call their music "ambient punk" but since I'm old-school I find their sound better categorized in the "shoegazing" genre. Needless to say I like their morbid style and dig their tragic lyrics and eerie videos. Check out their deceivingly chippy tune, "Agoraphobia," below. It showcases nicely how melody and vocals can crisscross in a spectacular way.

The video to "Microcastle" scares me a little.

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ben (the rat) said...

I liked the part where the little boy was running through the field and was ultimately reunited with his pet rat.