Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarah Conner Chronicles and Salvation - Terminator

With the BSG hiatus, I have to get my sci-fi fix somehow. Thank god there's "The Sarah Chronicles" (SCC) to keep my spirits up weekly. Briefly, this series is about how Sara Conner trains her son, John Conner, to kick ass as the future leader of the human resistance. Essentially we get to see how the kid becomes this brilliant military strategist against legions of terminators.

The best aspect of the series for me deals with A.I.-android capacity to understand and imitate human emotions. Before SCC, we knew that armageddon began when an A.I. developed at Skynet industries discovered self-awareness and self-perseverance. We understood from the the Arnold Schwarzengegger terminator, that they can evolve to have emotions and to know right from wrong. But, in the SCC, we learn that much of these emotions were not a product of evolution as much as taught and cultivated by humans themselves. In the quest to create perfects A.I. metal "humans," the real humans brought on their own destruction. This comes hand in hand with the android's curiosity, sense of survival or need to destroy (and or be like their makers) that motivates them to learn about them.

The question remains, when will the terminator be so close to being people as to be humane, ending their desire to destroy humans? Inversely, when will humans come to terms with alternative lifeforms and be open to sharing the planet with them. It's the age old sci-fi question really.

In "Salvation," the forth installment in the Terminator franchise, this time directed by McG (Charlie's Angels, the O.C....) and staring Christian Bale (American Psycho, Machinist, Batman...), we get a glimpse of a different reality from the original Teminator (which remains the best IMHO). How different and how much is happening in SCC relates to the "Salvation"? Since in the trailer we hear John Conner saying, "This is not the future my mother warned me about," anything goes.

I look forward to the rest of the season of SCC and "Salvation." What do you think? Catch the cool trailers below. Illustrations above and clips below reminds you of anything, say, "Matrix" or "Transformers"?

Very Cool Unofficial Teaser

Official HD Trailer

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