Monday, December 29, 2008

My Kind of X-Mas

The first x-mas tree I purchased resembled the Charlie Brown one. My decorations came from a bag of miniature safari animals. Think plastic green army men but in colorful safari animal forms. I loved the tree and my ornaments. Since then, my trees have grown to respectable sizes with the last being 7 feet tall. Always I got them from Delancy Foundation, an organization that helps out ex-convicts. I found it exciting every time one of the workers wielded a chain saw to help me trim my tree. But, last year I didn't feel right getting a tree, even from a farm and chopping it myself. So, I got a living yuka tree and decorated it instead. It was a hit (see pix to right).

I also have another ritual that began in college. I wait until after x-mas and even after new years to purchase "new" ornaments. I usually can get them for 75% off. I then package them and store them for the following year. Because I have short term memory, every time I open my decorations the following year, I am pleasantly surprised. It's like getting gifts you know you'll like.

What did you do this year to celebrate x-mas?

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