Monday, December 8, 2008

I Love the Clintons

There, I said it. I don't know when it got trendy to hate on the Clintons, but I for one happen to think they are amazing thinkers and leaders.

I still cannot get over that Clinton was impeached for screwing around with an intern (even Nixon resigned before he was formally impeached). So, he's a cad, big deal. Latin American named him Lover of the Year but, yet we punished him. We had so much better things to do at the time then to hold up the president in court for a ridiculous "sex scandal." Since leaving office, Clinton has raised millions for humanitarian projects around the world. Let's wait and see what the "village idiot" (aka Bush Jr.) can do post presidency. I'm guessing another long-ass vacation to match the one he's had this past 8 years.

Oh, and why did people hate Hilary so much during the presidential primaries? My most intelligent democratic friends could not stand her because, why? Well, here are a few choice words: "Something about her I don't trust." "She's a crybaby bitch." Or my favorite, "She just wants the job too badly." All of this does not talk about her intelligence or ability to lead a nation. It does speak to underlining misogyny if you ask me. And yes, some of those who hated her were women; talk about self-hate. I attest that Obama got the nomination because Americans are more sexist than racist, though not by much.

Saturday Night Live

Why are the Clintons so fabulous? Well, some of you may be too young to remember, but when Clinton won his first term, he said the American people will be getting "two for the price of one"; implying that Hilary would also be aiding him in running the country. Why not? She was very gungho about bringing universal health care. Yes, the American people were too brainwashed by cold-war propaganda, claiming we'd die in lines waiting to get substandard medical care in a socialist system, to accept the promise of health care for all. Still Hillary's desire and vision was there to make change DECADES AGO. And let's not forget this hippie power couple promised rights for all including gays.

In both the heath care case and gay rights issues, the Clintons learned the hard way as Washington outsiders that: America was not ready for "radical" change, and without support of the old guards in DC, nothing was going to move quickly. So, now years later, as old hands in politics but no less idealistic, the Clintons are back. Though now with the baggage of being overexposed, they get haters from the left and from the right. No good reason really other than because the Clintons have been around long enough to garner disdain from enough folks out there.

So, congrats newly appointed Madame State Secretary (and her hanger on, Bill, too). I feel safer already and confident our international image will change. Hillary 2116 and Chelsey 2024, unless Michelle wants to throw in her hat then Michelle 2024 and Chelsey 2032. That should be fun!

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Mojo-jojo said...

The Clintons are practically rock stars! Whoohooo

No matter what it will be good to have them back.