Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Why Keanu?

The Day the Earth Stood Still directed by Scott Derrikson and starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly opens in Imax and regular theaters December 12, 2008. If it is anything like the original, it should be good. This tale of forewarning about the survival of Earth is as relevant in 1951, when the original showed, as it is today.

I'm certain it will be really excellent based on the original plot and trailers (below). What gets me is this, how does just about the worst actor out there, Keanu Reeves, land such choice rolls in great films? Matrix? Dangerous Liaisons? My Own Private Idaho? I love Keanu, I do. He can just stand there and I'll give him an Oscar; but really, why are the casting directors so blind? Or do they turn to mush too when Keanu enters the room?

In any case, I do think he is best playing rolls like a monotone alien. Neo from Matrix, on the other hand, definitely should have gone to the first choice, Will Smith. That guy has a decent range of emotions making him a very good actor. Keanu, however, played the airhead messiah to a tee. But, for some reason I don't think that's what the director was looking for. Morpheus, a mere mortal, was much more charismatic. Even Anderson, a machine, was more dynamic in comparison to Keanu's character.

Why do you think Keanu gets just juicy rolls?

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klaatu said...

I was asking my friend Gort the other day this exact same question. Why Keanu?!? His response was telling "klaatu barada nikto". Gort is such an automaton. Personally such robotic knee-jerk platitudes really don't shed much insight into the Keanu phenomenon.

I believe the answer is the Matrix. We are all stuck in the matrix and keanu is an agent or some other crazy shit. Or maybe it's just that once having attained the status of talking mannequin who can deliver a sense of ominous foreboding, he's become the poster-child for the apocalypse. Personally i think he's the air-head slack air-head of the apocalypse. The big question will be, is this his type-casting for the future?