Monday, November 3, 2008

Wired Warriors, UNITE!

Hi, my fellow liberal laptoppers, if you are anxious about an Obama victory and want to help, I've found yet another way you can do this, and it does not even require you to leave your computer screen! The Obama campaign just set up this ingenious way to make phone calls to "iffy" states and all you need is a phone and a computer, so easy! I already made a bunch of calls this morning before brushing my teeth. Oh, TMI.

How can you do this, you ask? Simply go here, choose the state you want to call, get an account, choose the "Neighbor to Neighbor" option, watch a 30 sec training video, then choose you want to get started. An easy to read script will appear with the name and phone number of your first person to call to right on top. You make calls and help track everything online. You can even take little breaks during the day to do other things and pick up when you can until your short list is done! Getting started took me all of 3 minutes!

Props to the person(s) who designed the user interface; it was so user friendly. I dare say even a 5 year that can read could do this. That means if you're a little scared of the net, this experience could not be any more pleasant. And you don't even have to be a registered-to-vote 18-year-old or older to pitch in. So, please help, you know you want to!

Wired Warriors, UNITE!

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