Thursday, November 13, 2008

Trekkers - It is Coming

Hey, fellow Trekkers! As a huge fan of the original Star Trek TV series, I am happy to report that the new Star Trek motion picture will chronicle the early lives of the Enterprise crew. Coming out this May 8, 2009 and directed by J.J. Abrams ("Mission: Impossible III," "Lost" and "Alias"), the plot of this prequel involves time traveling and fighting bad-ass looking Romulans.

Some interesting casting choices include John Cho ("Harold and Kumar") as Sulu and Zachary Quinto ("Heroes") as Spock. Cho has reported he wants to make Sulu very masculine. Dare to dream, dare to dream. That means I expect Sulu to have a fight scene and make out with a girl in normal universe, not an "alternative universe". You will also see Winona Ryder playing Spock's mom, meow!

I have some expectations of the new film, because even though "Enterprise" the TV series was a real snore, it did clarify a few things. An example, for most watchers of the original series who lived outside of the U.S., Spock was considered the main character and Kirk his bumbling side-kick. So, when "Enterprise" explained that "first contact" (when a civilization has warp technology, a Federation member initiates a meeting between the two governments) was with the Vulcans and therefore they have a special paternalistic relationship with humans, it made a lot of sense. Essentially, Spock was placed on the Enterprise to help humans in their first endeavors to explore outer space. Another clarification of "Enterprise" was the role of chief communications officer, like Uhura. Apparently she was not a glorified switch operator but actually translating alien languages. I hope the new movie will have complicated character development which inherently means taking the spotlight away from Captain Kirk.

Check out the first Star Trek XI trailer below, and see the latest one here. See you at the movies!'

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