Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank You for Saving the Savages

My siblings and I ritualistically see each other on Thanksgiving (save this one because I'm tied up writing). We travel anywhere and everywhere to meet up: Atlanta, NYC, San Diego, Davis, Oakland...All our gatherings have been memorable in their own special way. But, one I'll never forget because it began and ended when my eldest brother-in-law said grace.

"God, bless our family and this fine meal, and thank you for bringing the Pilgrims to save the savages." Whooh, Nelly. I nearly keeled over in my chair. Needless to say he and I got into it in a big way. I accused his cherished Pilgrims of being opportunists that would have died without Natives helping them out, and all the natives got in return was disease. I topped it off with how incredibly filthy the Europeans were and how shocked they were to learn Natives bathed regularly. So, take that.

Well, what our family learned from that dinner was to not talk politics or the crazy Berkeley sister will go nuts with her left wing politics. Oh, I don't know, am I that bad? Just because I do not glorify the white "saviors" but rather bare truth to the situation, I think I should not be feared but rather loved and appreciated. So, on this day, I'm thankful that my family still loves me even though I hardly ever walk away from an argument.

What are you thankful for today?

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