Monday, November 3, 2008

Progressive Voter Guide

Don't you hate it when you get to the voting poll station and you:

a. realize you forgot your voting pamphlet with all your choices clearly marked?
b. remember you did not read a single damn thing on the pamphlet?
c. get really nervous that you'll mark the wrong box and vote for the bastard from the other party that you despise so you just freeze up?
d. just wish you had a printable guide from the net that tells you exactly how to vote progressively.

Well, fear no more my friends, go here to get the progressive picks. For Californians, simply click here. Now go and do your civic duty. If I were a dictator, I'd make it mandatory to vote like they do in communist Australia. But, since I live here, I can only implore you to get out and vote.

Oh, and this is just not about Obama and changing our lives, the nation and the world. Oh, no, we also have to make sure we get as many democrats as possible into the House and Senate to make it easier to initiate change. Also, particularly Californians should stop unjust propositions like prop 8 (take away rights of same-sex couples to marry) while supporting important ones like prop 12 (helps veterans get affordable loans).

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