Monday, November 10, 2008

PMS is No Effing Joke

Dear friends, if you ever dated a woman, you may have experienced that thing, you know, when she's possessed by a crazy, insecure, demanding, whiny, critical demon. Let's call this frightening thing, PMS. Yep, it's hellish and I won't even pussyfoot around the issue. I run for the hills when PMS arrives. Just trying to save the villagers from certain carnage.

Well, all is not lost - not lost for the possessed and not lost for those who love them. We now can predict when the demon reappears (actually we always could, but it's made easier) by tracking its pattern on Here you will be forewarned and therefore can take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. This site also prints scary stories about PMS written by the demons themselves or those who lived to tell the tale.

We may never be able to exorcise or slay the demon, but at least we know when to hide.

Picasso "Weeping Woman"

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