Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Model Minority - The Black Man

Thanks to Obama, Asian Americans can now pass the "model minority" baton off to African Americans. The newly elected president has given Black folks and particularly Black men what over 400 years had not been able to, that is a 180 degree turn in racial stereotypes. Now, black men everywhere will have to step up, because as Obama has shown to the world, Blacks can do anything. No, they are expected to be the very best at everything.

Now Blacks can be the cause of whispers about unfair high grading curves in science/math classes. Universities will no longer consider Blacks for special admissions because they, like everyone else, will forget centuries of injustices against Blacks for the new (less than one month old) memory that a Black man is leader of the most powerful nation in the world (read: declining empire). Blacks will be seen as soft-spoken, obedient and always taking the high road. If you were raised in part by a single mom and your grandparents, you'd better become president.

Black children and young adults will dream of entering the arts, entertainment or sports industries but will be harshly chastised by their parents and pushed towards legal, medical, or science careers instead. Black intelligence level will be inversely related to their penis size, because since we now accept all Blacks are naturally brilliant, they must have small pee pees. Urkel-like characters will proliferate. And Blacks will marry-out at record numbers leading to speculations that they are either sell-outs or are very close to the white culture and therefore seen as "token whites". So, exciting!

Eventually maybe Asian Americans can adopt the stereotypes left over from the Blacks -- violent, criminal, oversexed, gangstah, rapper, pimp, lazy, dumb, and underachieving minority. So, if Asian Americans do anything remotely decent, that's the exception. If they perform above average expectations, they will be called "bananas" and "whities" by their inferior Asian American brethren. People can start talking about the end of coolie images if an Asian American decides to run for president and wins! Something to look forward to.

Maybe over time Blacks can pass the "model minority" baton to Latinos, then whites and so on. It will get to the point where stereotypes run rampant to the point of having no bite or meaning. That would be an interesting time indeed.

Superman Obama illustration by Alex Ross

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Mochi Mochi said...

this is a brilliant send up and savage satire of racism in america. hats off to monkeylounge for being bold enough to point out the crazy racist mythologies that pervades our society. singlehandedly taking on the underpinnings of the model minority and a host of stereotypes with humor and bold strokes of irony. bravo.