Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No on Prop-8 National Rallies

Seems the people are not accepting the November 4th passing of California prop-8's anti-gay marriage law. As doing away with rights messes with the constitution, chances it may be overturned again in the courts. We'll at least see gay marriage on the ballots again if it does not. Across the nation other states also passed similar laws or voted to uphold old ones.
As alluded to in my earlier posting on prop-8, the Mormon church gave large sums of money to make sure it passes. The Pacific Islander family demonstrating for the proposition on my street corner was no anomaly. It seems the wildly successful missionary work of the Mormons had infiltrated that community so many not only came out to protest nearly daily, they also, as some have reported, donated large sums of their own savings to help pass prop-8.

Since its passing, people have demonstrated throughout California and across the nation against prop-8. We recognize that California was used as a testing ground to pass similar discriminatory policies nationwide. Florida, Arizona, Arkansas also passed or upheld anti-gay marriage laws but Connecticut becomes the second state (Massachusetts is the other) to allow it.

If you want to help voice your opposition of prop-8, check here
for details of where rallies are this weekend. The large one will be in San Francisco, but I'll be at the Oakland one.
Oakland's event was a big hit. I hope this momentum of outrage will help achieve civil rights for the LGBT communities. I was out with my sign showing Oaklanese support for Marriage Rights. The other side of my sign read, "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." It's my firm belief we all should have a crack at happiness (as long as it does not harm ourselves or others).

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