Wednesday, November 5, 2008

National Negro Holiday - Obama Victory!

We may as well call November 4th National Negro Day because we just made history by electing Barack Obama! What? You say you're yellow, white, tan, cafe con leche, worries, you can claim this holiday as your own too, I have. Sharing is good.

In essence Obama's victory symbolizes the idea of what America can strive to be one day. His win does stand for hope of a brighter future. Simply put, Obama made change the second he was announced the 44th President of the United States. For one, he is first bi-racial elected president. Secondly, the world can breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate with us. There is hope for peace in the future. Heck, BBC surveyed 22 countries and they all picked Obama over McCain by a margin of 4 to 1. The world hates us just that much less today. One day they may even like us, at least a little.

But, when you sober up from the sheer euphoria of this victory, remember this, we are in a recession and have not hit rock bottom yet. Obama has inherited an eff-upped situation and change cannot happen overnight. In fact, I wonder how much real change will happen at all. Obama has already turned from a more leftist stance to a centrist one during the presidential campaign. I can only assume the powers that helped get him elected decided that was the best way. I know my Obama worshiping friends have defended his obvious strategy to appeal to a wide range of Americans for votes. I'm not so quick to ignore that. Nevertheless, I recognize that working with both sides of the dominant party lines and even those parties in the fringes is crucial to move the country ahead.

Immediate change? I for one will be a part of the millions who continue to suffer through these difficult times. Obama is not my savior, he's no messiah and I don't expect much by way of miraculous changes from Washington DC. I just know some of the bleeding will stop. How much will improve in the areas of education, health care, the still to be seen. I'm hopeful but not naive.


mochi mochi said...

no one who was electable would actually be able to deliver radical change. that's not really about what government is these days - or ever - except in a time of revolution - and that's not where the country is right now. so we get Obi and that, for this country, is pretty radical. it's a step forward. its not the best step but it is a good step and a better step than the country has taken in a long while (8yrs).

the important thing is to not fuck things up badly - not make the mistakes that clinton did in the 1st term - or the second. basically we are at a point where people can start to care about the country again - and instead of being in shame over our president and our foreign policy - we can have a sense of optimism and self-respect that the bush administration sapped and robbed from this country.

to anyone who is not saying "there wont be any REAL change"... that's kind of glib and obvious - sort of "you just figured that out?" "hmmm took you long enough". and then it begs the question, "why get that negative at a time when the country overwhelmingly elected democrats and largely and soundly rejected the meanness and lies of the republicans". the condition of the US has been one of decline and cynical degeneration - that means that one of the things that needs to change is how the US is in the world - and how it engages with the rest of the world. Obi can actually do something about that just by being a well crafted statesman and representative of this country. he may actually be able to repair the damage to the foreign relations of the US that have been wrought by bush. that alone would improve and change the world. you can sign me up or that one.

sliced-bread said...

Obama's the best thing since sliced bread. Monkeylounge you sound like you've been spending too much time talking to cynics, lawyers, and other miserable creatures. Be happy! This is the shit! Enjoy the glow of a frackin' great victory. 16 freekin years since we had the whitehouse AND CONGRESS! Look I'm giving you gold here! Stop your bitch squealing.

Oh yeah... you and the little mermaid can go fuck yourselves!