Sunday, November 2, 2008

McCain: The Brilliant Comedian

I swear, I cannot decipher real from fantasy during this 2008 presidential race. Life really has become stranger than fiction. Some of the things McCain says is funnier than any comedy skit I've seen. Bill O'Reilley's nemesis, Keith Olbermann, hosted John Cleese, legend of Monty Python, where they discussed McCain's "humor" in detail.

For example, Cleese explained how "Joe the Plumber" speaks to (certain) American's dislike of the "intellectual" president and desire to relate to the beer drinkin', BBQ grillin' kind of president. McCain is not this guy so good old Joe is brought in. This strategy is reminiscent of my previous discussions in the entry "Poor Republicans" (9.26.08) about how "W", son of President Bush Sr., was marketed as the "average Joe".

Watch below to see how Olbermann and Cleese amuse themselves at McCain's expense. Then watch the eerily prophetic parody SNL did. So, "fellow prisoners," think twice before you vote for McCain.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (Cleese guest star)

Presidential Debate and the Introduction of Joe the Plumber (SNL)

It's clear, I'm no fan of McCain, but I have to admit, he's really good at "playing" the straight guy. Check out his three live appearances on SNL below.

McCain Keeping the Clinton/Obama Race Alive (SNL)

Palin and McCain on QVC (SNL)

Last Minute McCain Campaign Strategies (SNL)

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