Friday, November 21, 2008

Going to the Dogs - Ustream.TV

Maybe it takes a couple of West Point graduates with their minds on surveillance, and exposure to one too many reality shows, to come up with Ustream.TV. John Ham and Brad Hunstable debuted their live-cam feed start-up in March of 2007. Initially it received a steady rise in users for video conferencing and general communicating purposes, but interest grew during the recent presidential elections when folks could stream their questions to presidential hopefuls live.

But more than the Obama speeches, Ustream.TV has been getting attention due to a Bay Area litter of Shiba Inu pups (of the ancient Japanese dog family), three girls and three boys. The owners, who wish to remain anonymous, set the cam up a just last month, October 8th, and fans in the millions have flocked to virtually see these adorable pups eat, play, poop and mostly sleep. Adventures include running away from the vacuum. Makes me want to start my own "reality show". It will consist of me typing and typing and typing, then picking my nose, then typing some more.

Shiba Inu Puppy Cam (when the cam is off to let the puppies rest, the slide show appears)
Online video chat by Ustream


Bernice said...

Nice pet photos.... I too have a collection of lovely pictures of my pets.

kieulinh said...

Hi, Bernice, Which photo are you speaking of? The image on this post is a live web stream of Shiba Inu pups.

kieulinh said...

Oh, I get it now. When the cam is turned off, a slide show of the dog appear. Cool!