Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best of Asia, Bring on America - The BoA Sensation

I am in love! South Korean mega pop star, BoA, announced her plans to invade the US this month. Already a phenom in her native country, she is also a music wonder in Japan. Aside from Korean, she is fluent and can sing in English and Japanese. Additionally, she has recorded songs in Mandarin.

Considered a triple threat - she skillfully sings, acts and dances! It was believed Rain would lead the K-pop invasion but BoA beat him to it. You can download her first single, "I'll Eat You Up" in itunes. I have to admit, it is a damn catchy pop tune. She completely delivers in her Flashdance-esqe video for the song. That outfit, the singing and dancing, wow, she's knocking my socks off. Here's a sampling below.

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pandadora said...

BOA! Take every cliche in the music video book, all the way back to Twisted Sister and put it in a new cute rapper with a whole lot of kicks. awesomeness!