Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And Now We Hold Our Breaths - Future?

Will change come???

I just want to say that our so-call democratic system really needs a re-haul. Firstly, I don't think it's easy to vote. That is, if I'm an elderly person, or new to town, or first time out, or lack information...voting would not be an easy task. I voted early, but even I was nervous because it was my first time doing so. I have a fancy degree and consider myself computer savvy, so a quick search on the net and phone call to verify was all it took. But to be completely frank, I had some anxiety around it. It was new so thoughts raced through my head: what if I cannot find the place, what if they don't have my name in their system, what if I left ID at home, what if my early vote will give Obama a lead and keep voters at home on voting day; what if it takes all day to wait in line, what if I cannot find parking, on and on. I imagine for many eligible voters, it may be the same but times the anxiety level by ten.

Even my able bodied gentleman friend had troubles this morning. He walked to the church next to his house to vote as he had done in previous elections. The attendant told him that the church was not his voting station but rather it was located in a place over a mile away. He was determined to vote so he made the drive. But, imagine if he was old and did not have wheels or was not strong enough to make the mile walk. Or what if he was running late for work because he did not anticipate the location change. Or if it was his first time voting and he got nervous about being "rejected" from the church. Or he's a newly naturalized citizen and thought he was singled out as ineligible to vote, and so on.

Earlier I joked about mandating voting. I really don't think that's a great idea. I think we should make voting easy and fun. Here are some suggestions to make that happen-- We should:
1. have few minutes of infomercials about how to vote on television and radio daily for two weeks leading up to November 4th;
2. be informed on how to register to vote a year in advance;
3. be informed about what to do before, during and after voting;
4. know how to find information to our stations via the web and land line phone number.
5. have freee shuttle services for those who need it and public transportation should be free on voting day.
6. Oh, and we should get a cupcake, balloon and sticker after we voted.
7. Lastly, we get a tax break of sorts for our participation.

So, how to pay for all this? Well, the government bans all campaign commercials - no more misinformation and dirty tactics. Instead, our nation should mandate the parties to give into a fund to take care of the services mentioned above.

There's much to do still to mend our nation.

By Kieu Linh Valverde, http://www.bathcake.com/2008/09/pictures-from-show.html, http://www.printfection.com/kidstshirts/Anime-Monkey/_s_50676

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