Monday, October 20, 2008

Walking Wounded - Seeing the World Differently

My type of short trip traveling, be it for business, pleasure or both, is to do as much as I can. Even if it's just hanging at cafe shops, I'd prefer to be in several sections of a city in one day versus just enjoying any one place over time. This all ended with the introduction of my bum knees. Popularly labeled as "runner's knees," I experienced my first sport injury a month ago. I blame tennis, which I began playing at nine, and salsa, my current vice.

So, instead of rushing from museum to museum, I simply nested at Tokyo's Uena Park. I listened to the birds singing and leaves rustling against the wind, in a shockingly slow pace. I wrote postcards and admired the doggies coming through. And instead of speeding through the shrines of Kyoto, I simply sat at tea shops and enjoyed nature with yummy snacks.

I must say, the new way of experiencing a city has its merits. Forced to slow down my pace, I am now able to see places with new lenses and experience familiar areas with a fresh look. Once my knees heal, I'll definitely consider slowing everything down.

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