Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote Early and Vote Often

I VOTED! I VOTED! I just could not wait until November 4th, so I went to my City Hall today for this historical election to cast my vote! Early Voting for 31 states began earlier than normal this year, October 9. Click image below to make sure you live in one of the 31 Early Voting states.

If you are excited like me or do not want to wait at the lines on Tuesday, consider Early Voting. It should be open this weekend and Monday as well. I was told in my county that they are counting the votes as they get them! The republicans have a website to help find Early Voting stations. It works for those from other parties too. Try it here.

My good friend, colleague and blogger of Mixed Messages, Jena (aka Dr. Vest), wrote up some facts about voting myths on her blog. Her 15 points are listed below:

1. It is NOT true that students have to vote in their home states. You can vote where you go to school.

2. It is NOT true that your driver's license address has to match your current address. You just need a govt. ID with a photo and a signature. Not sure? Call the Supervisor of Election in your county and ask before heading to the polls to early vote.

3. It is NOT true that the police will harass you, check your vehicle registration, or ticket you, etc while you are standing in line to vote.

4. It is NOT true that voting will raise your taxes or the taxes of your parents.

5. It is NOT true that you can't vote Democrat if you registered Republican.

6. It is NOT true that you will not be allowed to vote if you lost your house through foreclosure

7. It is NOT true that Nov. 5th is voting day for Democrats. yes there are flyers out there that say this). Nov. 4th is the LAST day to vote.

8. It is NOT true that if you show up to vote and you have outstanding or unpaid parking tickets that the police will be laying in wait to arrest you.

9. It is not true that being a resident alien disqualifies you from voting. All citizens, naturalized or natural-born can vote.

10. It is NOT true that you have to fill out a provisional ballot during early voting. If your right to vote is challenged, ask them what you need to do to make it right, get the situation fixed and then return to the polls before the 4th. If things seem fishy, call 1-877-235-6226 to report it and get help.

11. It is not true that you need a special voting ID or your voter registration card to vote. Some states require a govt. I.D.

12. It is NOT true that you have to commit to residing in the state after graduation in order to vote in the state.

13. Voting "straight ticket" will prevent you from voting for your presidential candidate. Don't do it!

14. It is NOT true that students who live in dorms cannot vote.

15. It is NOT true that you can vote by phone!!! (

Not that you would be fooled but many are, so, inform them. Be confident and polite when you go to the polls. It is your right to vote and do not let anyone take that away from you. Normally everything goes smoothly and it is a thrill, so don't fret.

If you do not already know, check beforehand where you are to vote here. Just in case your identity is in question, bring multiple forms of identification: driver's license, passport, social security card, birth certificate, etc. Also, bring along a couple of letters mailed to your address with your name on it. Lastly, bring a camera to document shady business. I had mine!

Have fun!

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potato_queen said...

Nice. Monkeylounge getting the word out and keeping voting real. Vote now, your vote will count more than ever before. IMHO vote against hate and racism. Thanks ML!