Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shame on Proposition 8 - Don't Hate on the Gays

I love Oakland, and I always thought Oaklanese can do no wrong; however, the other day I saw the most despicable thing in this city ever! Families (actually only one extended Pacific Islander family, from the looks of it) of color were out on my street corner with Proposition 8 signs saying, "Yes on 8 Protect Marriage". This proposition is about protecting marriage as much as the misleading prop 209 was about fighting for civil rights -- ZERO.

Prop 8, if passed, will take away the legal rights of same-sex couples to marry, a law that passed in California just months ago. I live in the lesbian capital of the Bay Area and across the bridge from the gay capital of the world. I cannot imagine the hate and ignorance that has reached these shores. I cannot believe such attitudes exist in Oakland.

Well, since I could not honk in protest (honking is perceived as supporting) when I saw the prop 8 supporters, I instead rolled down my window and yelled, "Shame on you, shame on all of you." Indeed, shame on anyone who would perpetuate lies in order to take away the rights of Americans.

As you can see from the video, the second day I got bolder and screamed, "don't preach hate, no on 8!" during a "drive by". The "Go Go Go!" comment was meant for the anti-prop 8 folks but came across sounding like I was telling my driver to speed away from angry chasing pro-prop 8ers. I just forgot to add, "punch it, Chewie."

Madness aside, understand the gay marriage law has nothing to do with what will be taught in the schools and what kind of government funding goes to churches. Nor does it mean your kids will turn gay or gays will attack your butts. Don't use the children and your own bigotry to justify undemocratic behavior. Get informed and vote NO NO NO on prop 8.

Aha! I thought it was odd that a Pacific Islander family or group would protest in Oakland for prop 8. Turns out the Mormon church invested heavily into the prop 8 campaign and called their congregations to publicly protest for 8. Coincidentally, due to the extremely effective Mormon missionary work in the Pacific, a good number of Islanders were converted. So, put 2 and 2 together and you have Pacific Islander families out in the streets of Oakland campaigning for prop 8. Read more about it here.

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Anonymous said...

What's hate? Voting? Exercising civil rights? If someone feels that Proposition 8 is the best thing for them and their children, they have the right to vote for it. We have to respect that.

I've heard it said that the "persecutions" that the gays are experiencing as a result of Prop 8 are just like those against the Mormon church in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Oh, but those actions were illegal--just one slight difference.

What would have happened if Prop 8 didn't pass? Would the pro's come over and say "hetero-haters"? Would they vandalize our homes and threaten anti-8's? Just because someone else holds an opinion that differs from ours, doesn't make them haters.

I saw a shirt recently that said, "I hate haters." The person wearing it must have a pretty low self-esteem.