Friday, October 24, 2008

President Palin

Palin has been under fire this week for two things: using tax payers' money to fund travel and accommodations for her family during "official" governor business; and receiving from the Republican National Party in excess of $150,000 for complete make overs for her and her family. It included shopping binges at Neiman Marcus and Sac's Fifth Avenue where the vast allowance went. The remaining $4,716.49 was absorbed by hair and make-up.

This is my thinking, it's great that it's legal to fund "first families" to join their mothers or fathers on trips extending beyond a day. It's an unhealthy society that does not account for family in our daily lives including work that require 24/7 attention. As for the $150,000 make over bill, heck, it's the prerogative of the RNP to spend where they feel fit. Unlike Michelle Obama who pulled off gracefully a "Narciso Rodriguez–esque" H&M dress, some people have to pay for style. Let's face it, hair scrunchies and mules are not the chicest accessories. Yes, it makes Palin a hypocrite because most hockey moms don't get such royal treatments. That's the rub, huh, Palin.

Anyway, if you want her to be your vice president and most likely president if anything were to happen to McCain, more power to you!


Mixed Poet said...

I don't understand why you support her decision to misuse funds for her family. Her misuse of power conviction tells us a lot about her inability to distinguish right from wrong.

kieulinh said...

I think it's absolutely fantastic Palin used Republican funds to look good. It exposes her for her hypocrisy. In general, I believe the republicans are great at smokes and mirrors and rely largely on brilliant marketing. They should stick with what they know. It's not up to us to change or judge them. It's up to us to be informed to dismiss them!