Saturday, October 25, 2008

Don't Kill Obama

At recent McCain and Palin rallies, audience members have screamed out, "Terrorist! KILL HIM" in reference to Obama. These sayings were met with laughter by others in attendance and drew smirks from the Republican candidates themselves. When these incidences were brought up at the last presidential debate, true to McCain's nature, he did not fully take responsibility by condemning such outbursts but rather went into a rant about how Obama was being disrespectful to vets and mothers of soldiers that attended McCain rallies. Yeah, it makes so much sense. Like I said before, even when McCain was told of the historical wrongs of using the word, "gook," we was unapologetic.

In a time when some of our greatest Black leaders were slain, it's not remotely amusing to threaten Obama, not even in jest. The Black community is very worried about the welfare of our next president. They see assassinations very differently; for example, many African Americans believe JFK and Bobby Kennedy were slain because of their strong stance against racism and for civil rights. In general, it's not altogether paranoid to fear for Obama's life. The fact that no one would dare to or even want to for humane reasons, wish McCain dead, just says a lot of the supporters of each candidate.

I fear for us all.

Update: Here's another planned attempt on Obama's life. Not the first and certainly won't be the last. Keep safe, Obama.

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Mixed Poet said...

great post. I have not wanted to touch that issue. Too scary. Glad you did.