Friday, October 3, 2008

What I Saw at the VP Debates! Run Run...

After watching the vice-presidential debates between Palin and Biden, I will say this, Palin is a dunce with Godzilla size balls. In fact, she reminds me of the other takes-balls-to-be-that-openly-ignorant, DubW. The public and media's impression of Palin is reminiscent that of Bush -- a lovable, working class American who's a straight talker. Ahuh.

Counter to media reports, I know she did not "do well," "held her own," "tied with Biden". That is utter nonsense. My question is, why have we landed in Bizarro Land where a completely under-performing, out of her league, lammo receiving such accolades? Biden Kong most likely didn't go to town on Palin because he didn't want to appear sexist and learned that coming across as intellectual and thoughtful does not win you votes (think Al Gore). That's politics and though I don't get it, I understand.

But what is media's obsession with praising this woman? Even when she completely goofed on her previous interviews, people could not bring themselves to say she's grossly underqualified. Who are they afraid of, Godzilla Sarah? It's sexist and wrong not to call her out on he bullshit, not the other way around. Mothra Hillary's opponents did not fight with kid's gloves. Why, because she is tough and knows her shit.

Palin is an idiot and knows a little of one thing and even that she doesn't have a good grasp of, energy. Biden: We need to shift our troops to Afghanistan. Palin: We don't know who started global warming but let's not blame anyone now. Biden: The economy was based on eight years of bad planning. Palin: We have oil in Alaska. Biden: I need to take a piss. Palin: I'm the energy expert. end. You get where I'm going with this. It was really irrelevant that Biden or the moderator were there at all. Palin had her talking points and felt safe with her BS Godzilla shrills about energy.

I say she has balls because by god, any normal dunce would at least know their limits. She does not. In fact, she's shooting for the stars. The future is boundless and she's taking what is hers. That takes some balls, no crap. Bush is an idiot, sure, but he was bred to be the president. He can smoke crack, get a bunch of DUIs, lose money on every venture he's been in, get Cs at his legacy entranced Ivy Leagues and still be prez. Given Palin's background, I'm baffled as to how she got her skyscraper size nuts?

Oh, well! Go Kong!!!

Update: It's art imitating life. SNL with Tina Fey does it again!

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