Thursday, October 2, 2008

Borat Balls Strike in Viet Nam

All major Vietnamese newspapers have reported that two design students dressed in Borat mankinis crashed the 20th celebration of Viet Nam's leading communication company, FTP. Appearing semi-nude and dancing to a popular revolutionary song, these two have real golden balls to pull this off in the conservative Confucian nation of Viet Nam. Highlights included pulling fake pubic hair from their bodies and wrestling with each other. What I wonder about is, is the overwhelping popularity, chuckles and even digust reactions to the act of crashing a PG event or the appearance of the male form scantily clad? What if the students were women instead of men in itsy teeny weeny bikinies (no pun intended, seriously, don't get offended men)? What do you think?

Communists officials have condemned the "performance" and suspended the two "dancers" from their university for a year. Videos of their "work" has been taken down from youtube but images run amok in cyberspace. What is next for these instant Internet legends?

*Note for the pervs and/or ultra curious: make sure you click on the images for a better view.

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Anonymous said...

you're right.if they were girls,it would have been ok to dance in their underwear!...i mean,here in europe those guys would be seen as amusing...and it's sure as hell they wouldn't get suspended!