Friday, September 26, 2008

Poor Republicans

Republicans are sad, that’s true, but I’d like to talk about the other kind of poor Republicans, the ones that actually do not make a lot of money. It’s a fact that according to his economic plan, Obama will give tax breaks to 95% of the population that make less than $603,402. McCain on the other hand will give nominal tax breaks to this same population, specifically less than 1% for those earning $66,354 or less. But, for those making above $2.87 million, he will additional decrease the already enormous tax breaks they get by 4.4%.

So, the question is, where is McCain’s support base coming from? Let me suggest from the “poor republicans”. I offer you a true life example. I have 42-year-old Asian American female friend, albeit not a close one, who grew up in a military household and makes less than 30k/year as a secretary for the county. I once suggested to her that with her income, she qualifies for government assistance to own a modest home. You see, up to this point, she was living in a house owned by her brother and parents and gets loans from them which she pays back when she can. In my mind, telling her about these housing programs would help her gain some independence and begin earning some wealth.

Her reaction was, “I am not going to take advantage of the government. I hate those lazy minorities who do.” This shocked me because I could not understand where her statement came from. With further conversations I realized a few things. First of all, she sees the government as Republican and the money they dole out come from only Republicans from the middle and well-to-do classes. She does not include minorities, poor people, aliens or even herself in this group of tax payers. And even though she recognizes she is not rich, she still does not identify with the working class. She is a Republican and in her mind, they do well economically.

I argue that there are many, many more “poor Republicans” like my friend. They see themselves in McCain, his Barbie millionaire wife and their kids including the standard adopted child from an impoverished country. Obama is seen as a black man and as we all know, black people are poor welfare recipients who suck the life out of good Republicans (aka: the US government).

What about the phrase, “I will not tax 95% of the American population but rather tax the richest 5% of Americans instead of giving them even more tax breaks” does the “poor Republican” not understand? I implore you to ask these “poor Republicans” the same question. Help them understand that it’s not the 5% of the riches Americans who are bailing out Wall Street. It is the 95% of the poorest groups including the “poor Republican's” tax money that will bail out the Richy Riches. That’s all.

Oh, Obama, kindly grow balls, unless your middle of the line tactic during the debates was to appeal to the Independents. Even then, we’ll have to see, won’t we. What do you think?


tablarasta said...

Wow - you kinda sound like Pat Buchanan only less, umm... diplomatic. Strong words from the Monkey Lounge's swinging politico. You and Pat are both right. The Obama-meister did pretty much walk through the debate. He came off as "nice". McCain came off like a mean old crazy guy who can't pronounce foreign names, but also like he could kick Ob's butt. Which of course is exactly what America wants. To quote General George S Patton, Americans love to fight, they love winners, and they hate losers. That's probably why Pat Buchanan declared McMcain the winner and Ob the loser... and why MonkeyLounge is asking Ob to grow some balls. Interesting what bed fellows politics will make.

BMoney said...

I like the poor Republican rant. I can identify with this mindset. My mom is similar and a lot of family friends are the same way. Most honest people just don't want a handout. Especially since those "poor Republicans" see how their similarly poor Democrat friends take advantage of the system (Welfare, SSI, Disability and so on). I can't blame them for being like that...I actually kind of respect that thought process. But, I do think more honest people need to take advantage of governmental programs. If the poorer class doesn't take advantage of the programs created for the people, then the rich will use the excess money for something else (oil drilling contracts, sex services during super secret meetings in the woods, and nice lil' trips to Camp David or something). In terms of the Obama McCain debate....ya, I would think that Obama would have a much bigger lead than he does over McCain, if it's still a lead. I don't know what to think...

Mochi Mochi said...

This is so on target and a real insight into the psychology and behavior of a group of people who are the pawns of the republican party.