Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Networking in the 21st Century

When Marx first theorized about capitalism and the alienation one feels not connecting to the products we make, do you think he was talking about Second Life? Of course not, but Second Life along with perennial favorites like Facebook, or the dying Myspace, and dead Friendster,...all speak to the human desire to connect and our inability to actually do so.

We email instead of write or IM instead of email, text instead of phone, amazon/ebay/craigslist instead of "real" shopping, and we blog instead of take to the streets in outrage. It's like chasing the illusive dragon, the thrill and hope while stalking the beast will always be there, but as mortals, we will never capture it.

So, maybe the new frontier is not another social network that will wow us with their "pokes" and "avatars" but rather really connect us. Or is that Meetup? Whatever form this new endeavor takes, I look forward to it prying me away from my lovely lovely blog.

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