Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ah, what's not to like about this North Carolina husband and wife duet, Joe and April Diaco? First of all, as a geek, their band name alone, Alt-Ctrl-Sleep, is a winner. I don't know what it says about their marriage, but the second thing I love about their self-named album is that it really makes me depressed, in a good way. I won't lie, I am drawn to all things morbid. Alt-Ctrl-Sleep makes me embrace my inner goth. Maybe too because they are a couple, they don't have strange pretensions like love and shit. No angst, just deep and smooth as a fine cognac, as evident in their track, "Take Care."


Space Age Device said...

nicely put. love and shit. :) actually some of my songs aren't even about my wife, some are about old girlfriends, and the ones that got away.

kieulinh said...

omg, i'm totally star struck. thank you for commenting. interesting to learn the songs were not about your wife, but that would have made it interesting if it were as well. will definitely catch you two when you're in the bay area! fyi, i spent two hours trying to get a "movie" with your music and images up for my post because blogger doesn't allow mp3s. trying to get around that, blogger still made it impossible to upload the imovie clip. :(