Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vanilla Swingers

Just when you think music lacks imagination, then comes along an album to prove you wrong. Vanilla Swingers made of UK duo Miles Jackson and Anne Gilpin in their self-titled debut album, Vanilla Swingers, tells the epic story of two people who travel through time from 1985 to 2015 to only lose each other but eventually reunite. In their song, "Goodbye Lennon," they offer lyrics like these:

It's thirty years since '85 | Robbie's dead but Pete's alive | Or so the weblogs say | But no-one's reading them | Today my past caught up with me | And you were standing over there | You asked me what's the time | You asked me what's the year and smiled the saddest smile I'd ever seen

Delivered in ocean serene ballads, one can easily swim in their world a while. Their album drops on September 8, 2008 for FREE on their website but if you have to have it NOW, Rough Trade has it available for a small fee. In the mean time, sample their brilliance on their myspace site.

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