Thursday, July 24, 2008

Castro Loves Obama

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you; indeed, this propaganda piece was paid for by McCain. Implication is of course that: Castro hates the United States government; Castro likes Obama; therefore, Obama hates the United States government. So simple. I’m not so much disgusted with the paid advertisement as it’s predictable of McCain. What irks me is that some people will actually be fooled by such blatant tactics of falsification in order to incite fear. Hey, if Bush can get “elected” twice, anything can happen.

It’s amusing too that most Americans believe Fidel hates us because we stand for democracy and he’s a communist dictator. I’m no fan of any dictatorship, including our own, but Cuba can boast a literacy rate of 99.9% and universal healthcare. I dare say I don’t think Bush hates or understands us enough to even think about our welfare.

Most Americans cannot comprehend why Cuba doesn’t follow suit and go by way of a liberal economy. Instead, Cuba supposedly oppresses its people causing the mass emigration of refugees to our shores. And Cuban government anti-American rhetoric is rather bold for a former colony. Those who subscribe to the ideas above undoubtedly are not familiar with U.S. “gunboat diplomacy” and the need to aggressively influence governments globally.

I speak of the USS Maine incident where this un-welcomed naval ship appeared in a Spanish colonial Cuba with the pretext of safe guarding the lives of 8,000 U.S. citizens on the island. The following day, the USS Maine sunk in an explosion resulting in the deaths of 266 men (the majority of which were black servicemen and foreigners). Though four initial investigations from all sides came to inconclusive findings, lead by William Randolph Hearst, the U.S. media was already engaging in “yellow journalism” pointing to the Spanish as the culprits. Anti-Spanish sentiments grew resulting in the Spanish American War that lasted four months and ended with Spain ceding both Cuba and the Philippines to the U.S. in 1898.
Sunken USS Maine
Though Cuba was formally granted independence in 1902, the U.S. still retained the right to intervene in Cuban affairs, supervise its finances and foreign relations, and lease Guantánamo Bay for U.S. bases. Independence never felt so good *cough cough*. With the rise of the Castro led revolution (or Marxist uprising as believed in some camps), Cuba received real independence (from all colonial masters) in 1959.

The resourced followers of the toppled Batista regime left or were chased out of Cuba and entered the United States. They have over the decades formed large ethnic communities and developed substantial political representation and clout, all with the anti-Castro/anti-Communism ideology. Some have likened these power holders to the mafia but that’s another story.

The U.S. did not take this defeat by Castro’s hand well and immediately began secret campaigns including the infamous “Bay of Pigs” and several aborted military missions during Kennedy’s administration. All in all, it’s reported that schemes and/or attempts by CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro stands at a staggering 638 times. No wonder there’s bad blood.

So, McCain’s clever campaigning relies on the ill-informed and undereducated population for success. More power to him, I’m sure he’ll get lots of takers.

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