Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bougie Pet Owner

When did I become a *bougie pet owner? During my childhood, we got our dogs free from neighbors who never thought to spay their mutts. Other dogs joined our family when they showed up in our backyard one day. Now, I own freagin’ “designer” dogs (that probably came from puppy mills and) that are essentially overpriced mutts. I love my puppies, I do, so because Bijou got the royal treatment during her spay, Loki enjoyed the same today. I even drove 1.5 hours to my old vet to ensure Loki got top care during her first and hopefully only surgery (okay, and it was cheaper too). Still, what’s wrong with the bargain basement prices the SPCA offer? Nothing, I say.

Bougie vets are good about squeezing every dime from my sorry-ass, guilt-ridden, wanna-be **AYUP self too. But I did resist. “Does Loki really need anesthesia?” I asked naively but maybe came across coldly. “Uh, yeah,” the vet answered with shock. But I didn't stop there; I bargained too. Hey, the world is my Saigon market and a fancy vet clinic is no different. Okay, maybe you can take the immigrant pet owner out of the ghetto, but you cannot take the ghetto out of this self-minted bougie pet owner.

It’s recovery time for Loki and I didn’t skim on the pain meds. I also bring water and food to her in bed. She has my constant attention. That kind of devotion I suppose is priceless. Here she is pictured drugged out of her mind.

*bougie : derived from bourgeoisie and can mean aspiring to be affluent or those already in the upper class. also used as an adjective to describe extravagance.
**Aspiring Youngish Urban Professional

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