Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Fucked with the Electric Car?

I remember in 2002, I really REALLY wanted a Rav4 EV (electric car). At that time it was about the size as my current gas monster Toyota Matrix - small. But before I could order one, I was told they were not going to make them anymore, and indeed by 2003, Toyota stopped production. What more, they recalled the ones already on the streets. Bottom line is this, we had/have the design and technology to drive cute, emission-free, non gas using cars over a decade ago. Electric car technology was around the time of gas fueled combustible engines. This country does not have the electric car due to many factors.

In the movie, "Who Killed the Electric Car," they point to the following guilty fuckers.
Consumers - for being stupid enough to believe the propaganda against electric cars.
Oil companies - for keeping Americans dependent on oil.
Car companies - for wanting to make money off crap cars that need fixing all the time and only making change when the government forces their hand.
Government - for suing states like California for it's attempts to pass mandates for automobile emissions.
California Air Resources Board - in a clear conflict of interests, board head, Alan Lloyd, repealed an electric car mandate.
Hydrogen fuel cell - a completely bogus alternative that is decades away from creating a usable car but had been backed by the US government and automobile industries.

Most of this crap happened under the current Bush administration. History will absolutely judge DubW and his cronies. I shake my head when I think the first president ever to be impeached was Clinton because he fucked with an intern (fyi, Nixon was threatened with impeachment but resigned before that could happen). While Bush fucks with America and the rest of the world and he's allowed to stand there as a representation of what we stand for. Disgust.

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