Friday, June 20, 2008

West Indian Girl - The Ultimate Trip

In a word - no, there are no words, I'm captured completely. That's the sensation upon experiencing the West Indian Girl's live performance at the Rickshaw in SF last night. If a Siren made her way to shore one day, befriended couple of Centaurs and asked Pan to write some music for them, you'd get the West Indian Girl. This trip rock experience really is of mythical proportions. The pastiche of sounds from Mariqueen's hypnotic callings and Rob's decidedly soothing chants, backed by the stylings of Fran's bass was joy in Pandora's box. And let's not forget the visuals. The band not only play like gods, they look like them as well. There's too many hot members with such diverse cool looks that you'll find your favorite with ease.

Also, I think it amusing that Fran once said if his band doesn't get signed, he'd go into a PhD program. Thank god they got signed! Not to knock academia but do we really need another professor when we can have West Indian Girl? I cannot say enough about this amazing band, except them not yet "making it big" is an ungodly crime. They play today in Sacto so I hope my peeps in the valley get a chance to catch them.

"What You Are Afraid Of"

After concert pix. It helped that their biggest fan dragged me to the show. Thanks, Mai.

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Lawrence said...

Mai tran is so sexy, she should be East Indian Girl and live in Central America.