Monday, June 23, 2008

Soulja Boy vs Asian Boy

Some of you may have heard the break out dance hit by Soulja Boy, "Crank Dat" (btw, "Superman dat ho" means when a guy sprays his "wintery spirits" on a girls back and sticks a sheet to it making it look like a Superman cape). Well, local boyz from Hawaii, Ryan Higa & Sean Fujiyoshi came up with their own dance favorite, "Yank Dat Cameltoe" (for those not aware of the term 'camel toe', see image in box to the left).

Seems both songs have their own "special" merits. Check out their videos below.

Soulja Boy - Crank Dat

Asian Boy - Yank Dat Cameltoe

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lauria417 said...

LOL. This is a good one. And thanks for filling me in on what "superman da ho" means. =P