Thursday, June 5, 2008

School is Out! KIT

This is startling, but I've been in school essentially all my life. First as a student and now as a professor. Strangely, I pretty much feel the same about the last days of school since kindergarten . As school ends, I always get mixed feelings of happiness that a long school year is over and sadness because I know I'll miss my students. If only we had yearbooks in my classes so on the last day we can bring in cake and sign each other's books. I will write, "KIT this summer! See you next year alligator".


be green 101 said...
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Tina said...

oops I was still sign into the class's blog but you'll still see me!

lauria417 said...

This is a good idea. You should have one of your TA's create the yearbook. Maybe just a few pages...a couple of collages & room to write. I'm sure your students would love it.