Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mermaids - On Friendship

Been thinking about mermaids and I’m not sure the appeal. Because what can you do with the fishy part except grill it over a BBQ? Oh, I know, pretty tasteless, I mean the comment, not the fish, because I reckon the fish would taste damn good. But in all seriousness, mermaids have been the mainstay of our culture for some time. One of my favorite take on mermaids is in the classic This American Life episode discussing of all things, “The Little Mermaid”. I assure you amusement beyond bladder control. Download the Full Episode and listen to the first 21 minutes. Then ponder a while with me before reading my thoughts below. I'll stop my 'bitch squeling' now so you can begin the audio adventure.

Well, as you figured out, this radio piece had little to do with mermaids and much more to do with those endearing relationships in our lives. We all have that one friend we’ve known since grade school. We bicker with them like a married couple and they annoy us to no end, but the bond rivals that of sibling relationships. Same goes with those complex and convoluted relationships between parent and child. You'll only make yourself more miserable trying to change each other. Best just to accept each other's imperfections 'cause the obvious bond (like it or not) is there. That was at the core of the “mermaid” story for me. Oh, and as a techie wannabe, I got a tickle out of the old-school message forwarding system that predated the Internet!

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