Friday, June 27, 2008

The Lovemakers

By far the best live band that can compel you to take off half of your clothes and kiss the cutest person next to you is, The Lovemakers. This Oaktown band was formed by guitar sensation Scott Blonde and Stanford grad marine biologist, Lisa Light, after they were kicked out of their previous band for "hooking up". Together with middle-aged software engineer and keyboardist, Jason Proctor, they successfully revived 80s new wave adding their own special pop/hip hop flair.

What endears me to this band aside from the fact that they exude pure sexuality, is their quirky song lyrics. In "Internet Girlfriend" from their first album self-titled, "The Lovemakers", Light taunts Blonde with her new "friend" driving him to jealous delirium. The standout favorites of their sophomore album, "Time of Romance" includes, "Is it Alright?" which tells of a woman that sneaks into her friend's bedroom to whisper subliminal love messages. In "Set me Free" Light laments on her own misery living with an ex who now has a new girlfriend. And I can never get enough of "Prepare for the Fight," my personal anthem to kick ass in every aspect of my life. All these songs speaks to really awkward and painful events with sheer wit and humor, so you cannot help but laugh as you dance your ass off.

In their current LP endeavor sans Jason Proctor, "Misery Loves Company," The Lovemakers moved away from synthesizers to more gritty guitar sounds. Like their previous record, they sing about misery, however, it lacks the wicked sense of humor I'm so fond of. Also, with only five tracks, it takes more work to pick a favorite. "Naturally Lonely" seems the most solid of the bunch. I'm looking forward to their forth album which I hope will offer some of the twisted lyrics and ass shaking sounds of their previous works.

They play locally often so do check them out if you're in the Bay Area.
The Lovemakers "Prepare for the fight" BFD pre-party -

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