Monday, June 2, 2008

Hip Hop History - Kanye West

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend about how desperately I need to go to the (dubbed 'historical' and 'life changing') Kayne West Glow in the Dark concert. My friend would go, he said, except his wife is about to pop out a baby. He suggested I go with his son instead; the son in 18 and I'm *slightly* older. But, still I was down until my friend remembered that his son was already going with friends. Hence, I'm here sadly to report that my friends are either anti-hip hop, have hip problems, or simply too old to hop. One smartass student, on the other hand, theorized that I don't have friends. The concert is on June 6, 2008 Friday so I'm hoping someone who really loves me will read this post and ring me (to at least prove that punk student wrong). hint hint hint


Tina said...

I feel bad and I would go with you but I have another concert and I went to it already haha

Melvis said...

Ah nuts -- my boy bought tix a few months back. So I've only got mine. =/