Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Gook Man - My Unabashed Disgust for McCain

McCain has been on my radar for some time mainly because he's a Viet Nam War vet. But he's been on my shit list since his run for the presidency in 2000. That's when he used a racial epithet offensive to just about every yellow brothah and sistah out there, "gook"! As a former MIA, McCain explained he only meant his captors in the Communist Vietnamese prison camps when he said, "I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."

"Gook" for Asian Americans is akin to "Niggah" for African Americans, and yet this presidential candidate used "gook" publicly without apology even when he was made fully aware of the historical and social implications of its usage. What will this racist relic say next, "Oriental" or "colored"? Age is but one concern. Check out the age debate on He's older than the polio vaccine and penicillin, by the way.

McCain is dangerous not just because he's a delusional SOB who probably cannot remember his own lies, but mainly because he's successfully duped people into thinking he's a moderate Republican. Maybe he got help from the same advisers that brilliantly marketed DubW as just an average Joe (not born with a silver spoon in mouth at all). Corporate media has not adequately reported on McCain's clear rightwing stance nor are they highlighting his many contradictions. Below are some of his major flip flopping.


Neptune said...

First off . . .IT IS ONLY A WORD!!

Seriously? You are going to comment on hate speech after you committed the same “offense” in previous posts? Interesting. Again, double standard. I have a few more examples or your racist "anti-white" hate speech, but will keep them to myself.

However, it is a word--just a word!! At what point do we revert back to:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?”

So, the older we get, the more sensitive we become? Interesting. As I pound my head against wall, I keep trying to remember: IT IS JUST A WORD!

When did we start taking random “offendings” seriously? Because, there are a few things that offend me.

Now, should a presidential candidate be saying that? Nope. Absolutely not. I agree with your point. That is your point, right? Or were you just flippantly throwing it out to the masses in order to evoke an emotional response? Hmmm

It is just a mere word.

It is just a mere word!!

Shall, I remind everyone of the use of the word "NIGGARDLY?" Remember the reaction that it obtained from the "sheep" of the U.S.?

In keeping with peeling back the layers of our presidential candidates., here is a little Obama insight.

However, I must remember (since my opinion differs from the masses who read this blog) that I:

- am as dumb as a bag of hammers
- am 'OBVIOUSLY' uneducated
- desperately need to do more research--maybe a critical history class. yeah, that might help

(any further personal attacks will be added to the list, so if you have any really witty ones--fire them my way)

If anyone has a critical rebuttle--I welcome it. However, my guess is that I shall receive emotional retorts. Love them.

I could list 50 different words--completely unrelated to race and each word would offend someone. Why? Who gives a hoot?

Words are just words. Nothing more--nothing less.

Again--nicely done, Lounge Monkey. I will be watching.

jkgiang said...

Neptune-- what "anti-white" hate speech? I NEED SOURCES!!! Also, if a word's only a word, then a blog's only a bunch of words. Why are YOU so angry? Isn't it the same as being offended at a word? Or maybe your own logic doesn't apply to you.

tablarasta said...

The thing that makes McCain remotely appealing and reassuring is that he's not "W". And clearly not as stupid as "W". Reagan seemed like a doddering fool compared to the paranoid and scheming Nixon ( and he was). Bush Sr. was a one-termer who maintained status quo. "W" has dropped the bar so low for intelligence and the presidency that we're ready to settle for any president who does not drool and who can form a complete and intelligible sentence. "W" has left us a legacy where Reagan looks like a genius and McCain looks by comparison like the smartest man on earth. But the reality is that McCain is no diplomat and he's not presidential material.

You can't go around tossing obvious racist slurs around as a president. And you can't make jokes about "bomb bomb bomb Iran". It's not seemly. It's not smart. It's not the kind of thing we should want our presidents to do.

LougeMonkey - thanks for getting these issues out where they can be reexamined. The memory of the voting public is all too short, the electorate is largely uneducated in critical thought, and if voters have proven anything over the last few elections... it is that they can all too easily be tricked and swayed by lies and fear.

I would really like to see a little rewind on the way the current Bush Administration used fear, lies, and terrorist alerts, to keep the American public in a state of fear and anxiety during the last election cycle. That's a story that has drifted from the limelight. The terrorist alert hoaxes leading up to the last presidential election were a wholesale farce and a complete abuse of power. Propaganda at its height and its worst.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Tablarasta. We all get flippant in daily coversation and if I were quoted for everything I've ever said, i'd be put in a hate crimes camp. But, I'm not running for office nor a public position where my words would make a difference and cause wars(only a difference in my small circle where my friends know where I stand). I keep it diplomatic at work and so should McCain. Also, words are only words? Are you high? They are the basis of how we communicate and understand each other. If that's not something to be cautious of then I'm not sure you should be having a conversation about politics or for that matter anything at all. Just stay quiet...ah there you go, no words to break my bones with. ;-)

Neptune said...

YES! Now, I am high. Love the pokes and jabs!!! Keep them coming. I know you can do better than that.

Additionally, I should just stay quiet?? Really?? So, those with an opposing view should just "stay quiet." Interesting.

Maybe we should all be forced to participate in "sensitivity training" or political propaganda classes. Excellent idea. I was hoping you could teach me to "goose step" and keep my mouth shut, just like a good little minion should do.

Funny how we pick and choose (as a collective) the words which we find offensive. No one asked my opinion (maybe because you would prefer me to keep my mouth shut. Nice job, CafeHitler! NO ONE SHALL HAVE A DIFFERING OPINION!!).

Let's see. I could list 20 words which you may or may not find offensive. I do not care. I am not responsible to you or your sensitive ways. If you disagree, then I can instantly become offended by the word "cloud." Just some random word. At what point do you say--"ok, enough! Knock off the bullshit. We are no longer responsible for your sensitive nature!"

Lay it on me. Oh, please also throw in some more hateful terms. I am running a bit low.

Teg said...

Ah - I think if you take a little more care in reading what people are saying you will understand that they are discussing the McCain issue - not you Neptune. Please try to read a little more carefully before you take offense.

But for your information your writing to date has been contradictory in terms of content, grounding, and position... Example -
Neptune: "It is the little points which make the difference--right?"
Neptune: "It is just a mere word.
It is just a mere word!!"

You can't say thing like this in successive entries and be taken seriously.

That kind of position shifting and inconsistency really does not lend itself to an interesting dialog or discussion. Since the trust that someone is going to engage in an actual reasoned dialog is completely lost.

It seems like English may not be your first language, so I understand if the subjects that LoungeMonkey posts are not readily accessible to you. And if you're not well versed in critical theory this would all make even less sense.

I know that one frustrated reader flamed you. That was unfortunate - Tabbi probably thought you were being purposely offensive, purposely dense, or were desperately seeking attention. I'm sure you would not want anyone to think that's the case. I'm sure Tabbi's rudeness hurt your feelings. But calling attention to yourself the way you are isn't really helping. It kind of works counter to what I'm sure you'd like the rest of us monkeylounge readers to think, and if anything it goes a long way to confirm Tabbi's concerns about you.

If you have something positive to contribute please join in. But don't take offense if people don't agree with you. From my experience readers of Monkeylounge are very insightful and highly educated, and they can see though incomplete or inconsistent arguments. A lot of the "ideas" and "arguments" that easily pass muster in the general population would get cut to pieces here... or just ignored as being obviously lacking in merit. And arguing for the sake or arguing, or pumping up one's personal status, really does not fly in this community. I know that's not your intent, but things can so easily be misunderstood.

So I, and I know other readers, are very open to interesting and positive dialog. Please join in and contribute with a positive and constructive attitude and I think you will really enjoy the results.

Best wishes Neptune. I hope this was helpful advice from one monkeylounge fan to another.

James McFadden said...

Gooks are the slime of humanity. Infecting the very purity of our societies. No wonder they are hated throughout the world