Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Future of Home Entertainment is Here

Who needs network TV programs, cable or even rental DVDs when you have the likes of,, or the grand daddy of them all, These sites have everything from Today Show clips to Sci-Fi Channel’s Battlestar Gallactica to the film “Lost in Translation" for FREE. They sometimes even offer HD, making look like carriage wagons to their Maseratis. in particular has secured contracts with NBC, Fox and Viacom. Additionally, is in the running as Time's top 10 best websites for 2008. My vote is with them.

So, why waste your precious energy walking to the next room where the conventional TV lives when you can effortlessly surf on your keyboard to get TV shows and so much more right to your computer. I for one will never need to move from my lumbar computer chair again. Except to salsa, that is.


Skeptical Sinner said...

amen brother! Hulu is the chiznit.

I'm tired of watching at my computer tho, I need a more comfortable chair!


mika said...

gooo hulu! hehe. i want both a PC and laptop so I can watch things on a larger screen. with *big* booming speakers. time to find a rich husband! lol.

oh yeah, my dad's critique on maria root. anyway, we starting talking about her when he mentioned how he's going to that mixed race thing, so he started grumbling, "oh right, maria root and her 'rights of biracial children.' like they can state they can be whoever they want. that's like me saying, 'i identify as a martian and i want everyone to see me as such,' but it doesn't mean i'm going to be treated as one." hahahah. basically, he was critiquing how her theories emphasize the personal too much, which makes it harder for ppl to come together when they're all caught up in their themselves. okay, well *i* thought it was funny.

yay hulu!

Anonymous said...

I work for CNET deal with them professionally but was quite impressed with the user experience once I sat down to enjoy as a viewer. Easy to use and player is pretty good quality.