Monday, June 16, 2008

Every Girl Ever - On Being Special

On the Best of Craig's List, there's an extremely insightful and clever essay about the proliferation of what is termed "The Every Girl Ever". This "Every Girl" decorates with items from Ikea and Pier One Imports, owns a moody cat, has too many pictures of her and her 'bitchy girlfriends' partying with alcohol in hand. And instead of conversing with her dates, she'd rather disappear into the bathroom for an irrational amount of time.

So, what does this say about too many of the adult women in the United States? It would seem that in their quest to feel or be treated special, such as believing exotic (mass produced) furniture from far away places would make them seem worldly, or taking party pictures to appear popular, these "Every Girls" are not special at all. In fact, they are rather insecure conformists.

Maybe with some introspection, they will realize that the first step to becoming special or unique is to not give a shit about what others think. If you happen to have crappy taste in furniture, so be it. Okay, so you need to drop a mean friend or two and cut down on the alcohol. At least it's for you and no one else, let alone a man who writes "Every Girl" type essays but he himself may very well be a frat boy who wears shorts to dinners and considers flat screen TVs highly coveted architectural pieces.

Okay, the moral of the story is, as special and unique as I think I am, I do relate to the "Every Girl". For instance, I happen to own an empty birdcage with a bird but the bird lives outside of the cage, is made of plastic, and chirps when it senses movement. The red antique bird cage reminds me of my youth in Viet Nam. The bird was given to me by a darling friend, which upon receiving it I could not understand why she bestowed on me such a silly present, but have since learned to love my birdie like a real pet. And the birdcage does have a function, it encloses white Christmas lights that give the illusion of a magical place when lit at night.

So, be different, or simply embrace the odd conformist things about yourself. I certainly have.