Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don't Eff Up Democrats! Register to Vote

Obama is the democratic candidate for the 2008 elections. Don’t count this one in the bag my Democratic friends. Anything can happen like having a village idiot and his conservative machinery steal the elections not once but twice. Then together running the once most powerful neo empire to the ground while filling their pockets with money made with American blood.

I will say this to Obama and the Democratic Party, stop trying to look like the freagin’ Republicans. Kindly stand up for the progressive ideals that will help the people of this nation thrive. Time to start remaking our country to one of "moral excellence". Going off to other parts of the world to dominate the people and steal their resources are transparent acts of exploitation motivated by greed and fueled by white supremist rationalization.

The US people are not stupid. Give us something to believe in, the more radical the better, and we will follow. Playing it safe only opens you up to attacks by the evil right. They are unified behind hate and lies. Obama better rope in the diverse ideas within the Democratic Party and contain it under a unified message. We will believe once that happens.

Get your asses out and register to vote if you have not already done so. It’s simple, just go here and fill out the forms.


mika said...

Neptune said...

To put it bluntly . . .what dribble. First of all, you wrote this to incite emotion. Apparently, no real argumentative basis. The one thing you despise—attacks on your work by those looking to churn the emotion of the masses against—you are perpetrating. Question is . . .why?

Let’s see . . .where to start. Here we go.

“Time to start remaking our country to one of moral excellence”

- I am assuming you are referring to Iraq and Afghanistan. But to question moral excellence? Hmmm. Let’s see. How many Kurds were innocently killed? How many is enough before someone steps in to stop evil? Do we take an isolationist stance and let the atrocities just occur? So, was the U.S. wrong to take out a tyrant who personally taught his sons “the art of torture?” Your reference to moral excellence is a red herring.

“Going off to other parts of the world to dominate the people. . .”

- Dominate people? Who has the U.S. dominated? Curious as to the facts surrounding the U.S. domination of people. Please provide source data on the people the U.S. has dominated—I would be interested. If you are referring promoting democracy and building a state around the premise of free society, well, ok. Word choice was selected to incite emotion. Red herring.

Ok, so the U.S. is not well skilled at state building. I do not have the solution—which theorist shall we consult?

“. . . motivated by greed and fueled by white supremist rationalization”

- Oh, hate speech. Love it. When you have no argument . . .incite the masses!! Stir up emotion. I am amazed how people who stand on one corner and tout equality and civil rights are the very same people guilty of hate speech. Interesting. Thanks for being the example of “double standard” and condoning such speech, instead of helping to reduce the anger.

Ok, there are two points, I concur:

1.) Republicans and Democrats morphing to one party.

- Yes. Concur. However, why not offer up supporting the Green Party or Libertarian? There is a novel concept. Actual support for something other than dual party system? Why spew hate speech, instead of propagating something that might actually support the ideology of people looking for a change?

2.) Get out and register to vote.

- Absolutely! In the leading democratic country, approximately 54% of U.S. citizens vote. That is a shame!

Let’s see . . .I will be checking you out!

Neptune said...

Hmmmm. Was going to post this on your McCain blog, but it suddenly got removed. Know why??

tablarasta said...

I read the blog, then I read Neptune's comments, then I read the blog again, and then I read Neptune's comments. Neppy - WTF - are you from some strange planet where everyone thinks stupid?

Man, Neptune something must have crawled up your butt and scratched your little brain. You clearly need to go back to special Ed and take those reading comprehension classes all over. Either you know nothing about modern history and the US, or you are dumber than a bag of hammers.

That much focus on the smallest point of the entire article - a tiny side text. Dude - you got some serious paranoia and anger going there. Try reading from some reputable news sources and clean your ears out. I'm guessing you've been reading too many brochures distributed by the guys who wear aluminum foil hats.

Teg said...

Great article. Great Blog. People need to read a little more...

Neptune said...

Dumber than a bag of hammers?

Hmmm. Tab, while I appreciate your analysis of my mental and intellectual capacity, I figured this forum was intended for discussion. It is the little points which make the difference--right?

I do appreciate your retort and will wait anxiously for you to provide a couple articles. Seriously, instead of you smacking me in the face with a "bag of hammers" (which I appreciate), do you have supporting documentation or opinion?


kieulinh said...

Neptune, I do not mean any disrespect, but think it best you do some research on your own as it would be quite cumbersome to list here the hundreds and thousands of secondary sources regarding US Empire building. Or better yet, take a critical history course just for fun. Also, don't look to mainstream for your information; what we get in the US is mostly filtered, distilled and censored.

I didn't think I'd need to because I expected a different kind of readership, but maybe I'll have to go back and start bolding words and adding quotes. My writing will make little sense until one is an avid critical reader. So, good luck and I look forward to your thoughts after you bulk up on information.

Neptune said...

trange. Just because someone brings up a counterpoint . . .you immediately assume they are not as highly educated or as well read. Interesting.

I am very pleased you took the time to point out a few more of my apparent, glaring flaws:
1.) The recommendation to take a critical history course. Since I am an apparent dolt, there is no way I could have taken a similar course. Someone get a towel--I am drowning in a sea of drool.

2.)"Hundreds and thousands" of sources? I am not looking for hundreds or thousands. I would be happy with . . .let's say . . .two sources. Just two. Only two. Help cure my apparent case of "vacca foeda."

3.) C'mon Doc. You know, as well as I, that citing your resources is critical. I also understand, this is your blog. Since it is, you really are not obliged to do site squat. hell, make stuff up--it is a free world (thanks to the pesky U.S. empire building). If you are seeking to get things off your chest--say it. If you are looking to help educate people and get them to think critically--that is a different and much more important aspect.

My point of this entire string is that it IS vital to think critically. You know what--America IS full of sheep. They follow or chose a path because that is what everyone else is doing, instead of striking out and making an intelligent, informed decision on their own. They do not put any real critical thought into the decision.

If you feel it is justified to respond to my posts with insults, or assume that I lack an education or critical thought . . .perfectly fine. I have thick skin--I think I can take it. (sob sob) I love to read the blog. However, I think you can make a bigger impact on getting people to think critically and actively participate in debate without resorting to emotion.

My only question to you is: how do WE get better as a nation?

You urge: "Don't Eff Up Democrats!" Don't you think word also needs to also be spread about the Green Party? What about the Libertarian Party?

As for your quotes and bolds: Fact is, if you do not cite specifics or debate with facts (or theories), then how can you be taken seriously?

. . .or maybe that is not the point of your blog.