Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Colorism at its Finest

Colorism means discrimination based on skin color. It's rampant in Asia, Europe and certainly here in the Americas. In most all instances, lighter skin accords one higher status or more acceptance in the ruling or dominant culture. Often dark skin is equated with laborers who toil in the fields while light skin refers to the idle rich. In the States light skin represents also an ideal beauty as seen keenly in African American communities. We can attribute that instance to the legacy of slavery and the perpetuation that dark skinned people are second class citizens. Below are commercials from India of the best selling facial cream, "Light & Lovely". The brand name speaks for itself. What are your thoughts?

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lauria417 said...

With so many interracial individuals that are in the world, it's surprising to see & hear that colorism still plays a part in many arenas. I don't think that it will ever disappear, especially in cultures that are rooted on the belief that one ethnicity should not mix with another.